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Alarm System Contract Lengths And What They Really Mean

If you have gone through the process of purchasing an alarm system in the past, or are currently looking for one, then you probably know at least a little bit about different alarm system contract lengths and how they can affect the cost of your home alarm system. Alarm system contracts themselves are pretty straight forward, pay your monthly fee on time and everyone is happy. As for alarm system contract lengths and how they can affect certain aspects or your contract and price, we’ll take a look at some of the different contract lengths offered and what it means to you.

We’ll start with the one year alarm system contract. This is probably the rarest length of alarm system contract you will find. The one year contract means your are committing to at least one year of alarm monitoring service. If you are given the option for a one year contract this will often mean that your up-front cost will be a bit more than if you chose a longer contract. One year contracts are usually for those that are renting or are unsure if they’ll need an alarm system for longer than a year’s time. Keep in mind that you can take most alarm systems with you if you move, but some still opt for a shorter contract just in case. You can always renew later if needed.

Next in line would be the two year alarm system contract. We may have jumped the gun saying that the one year alarm system contract is the most rare. The two year is right up there. Again, this often means that your up-front alarm system equipment cost is going to be a little more than average. However, a two year contract is a nice contract length, not too long not too short. You will know you will have protection for a couple years but aren’t obligated to any particular company after that time. This is ideal for those who may want more than a one year contract but don’t feel comfortable committing to a longer term.

If you’re following our pattern then you’ll know that the three year contract is next up. The three year alarm system contract length is probably the most common. You are guaranteed to get a solid discount on the up-front cost of your alarm system. You’ll be guaranteeing alarm monitoring service for a three year period, which is pretty comfortable for most homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for many years. With wireless alarm systems being so durable these days it’s likely you can use your alarm system and monitoring for many many years beyond the three year contract term. If you like your alarm system company this decision is made especially easy.

While poking around you may also find a few four year or even five year alarm system contract lengths out there. Certain alarm system companies offer longer contract terms to help keep the up-front costs of equipment down. So, if you’ve been following along then you have probably realized by now that the longer you sign up for the lower your up-front equipment cost will be. In the end the alarm company is not as concerned with the cost of equipment or actually making its money that way. Their more about service than anything else. The equipment simply helps them provide the service.

One last thing to keep in mind about alarm system contract lengths is they are often set up for auto renewal. This is nothing to be afraid of or discouraged by, you can always opt out if you want. However, after a few years of home protection and having your mind at ease you may forget that you contract is coming to an end. You wouldn’t want someone breaking in to your home just a few days after the end of your contract, the monitoring station not responding, and you finding out the hard way. So many homeowners take comfort in the fact they won’t have to worry about it later.

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