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If you’re seriously considering a solution to protect your home, we highly recommend choosing one of the best cellular alarm systems. Cellular technology has changed the home alarm system industry forever. Your home security system works like a cell phone and your monitoring company will be notified if the connection goes down. Using a cellular alarm system eliminates the opportunity for burglars to shut down your alarm system by simply cutting wires or disabling your house’s internet connection. It’s the safest and one of the most affordable home security solutions for homeowners.

So there are many companies that claim to offer cellular protection, but there are once again only a few that we would recommend. The best cellular alarm systems are 100% cellular and have a great monitoring company behind them. This is why choosing one that has a reputable name and customer service comes into play. We reviewed a ton of cellular alarm systems, but these are the ones that made the cut. Check them out and we’re sure that one of them will meet your needs.

Here is our list of the best cellular alarm systems for your home:

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What Is A Cellular Alarm System?

The concept of a cellular alarm system is a fairly new one. Cellular alarm systems have only been around for a few years, and have only become mainstream recently. Most alarm system companies are now offering some form of cellular alarm system monitoring. The way a cellular alarm system works is by installing a cellular “module” in to the main Control Panel. This module then sends wireless signals using cellular towers to the monitoring station. The cellular module essentially replaces the need to use a home phone line for alarm system monitoring. Phone line monitoring is not as reliable as cellular alarm monitoring because a phone line can easily be cut outside your home.


Why Is A Cellular Alarm System The Most Reliable?

When you think about home alarm system monitoring you probably think about your home phone line. The fact is a wireless alarm system can be monitored in a number of ways including your home phone line, internet connection, and now a cellular device. While the home phone line has been the method of choice for many alarm system companies over the years it is certainly not the most reliable. Neither is your home internet connection. In the end a cellular alarm system is the most reliable.

The main reason why a cellular alarm system is the most reliable is because there are no wires that a potential intruder can cut. For instance if your phone line is exposed or accessible outside of your home an intruder could cut your phone line and disrupt your alarm system from sending a signal if it relies on this method. Furthermore, and internet connection is even more volatile. A loss of power or your dog knocking over the modem while running around the house could knock out your internet connection very easily – in turn not allowing your alarm system to communicate to the monitoring center.

Cellular alarm systems do not rely on a phone line or internet connection. Cellular alarm monitoring is done through a built in cellular module that does not require any wires. The module is often built in to the Control Panel of the alarm system and sends alarm signals wirelessly through cellular towers. It is nearly impossible to defeat a cellular alarm system, and that is why it is the most reliable.


Common Cellular Alarm System Questions

Below are some of common cellular alarm system questions

Do I Need A Phone Line To Have A Cellular Alarm System?

The short answer is no. A cellular alarm system does not require a phone line at your home and does not need one to function. A cellular system will not interfere with a home phone line or internet connection, but one is not needed for the alarm system to function properly.

What If I Don’t Have Good Cellular Coverage At My House?

If you are familiar with how cellular phones work then you know there are two different types of signals a phone sends. One for Voice signals and one for Data signals. Voice signals need a much stronger signal to stay connected where Data signals do not need as strong a signal. Most cellular home alarm systems work on Data signals so a full strength cellular signal is not necessarily required for it to work and stay connected.

If you have poor cellular reception at your home but are able to send text messages and make calls at your house without much issue you shouldn’t have a problem with installing a cellular alarm system. Also keep in mind that many cellular alarm companies will allow you to “test” the system during a trial period or via a money back guarantee. If you install the system and find it is not connecting the monitoring station you can simply send it back for a refund.

What Service Providers Are Offered For Cellular Alarm Systems?

Most alarm companies work with major cellular carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Sometimes you can request which module you would like installed in your Control Panel, however, the alarm system company will likely do a “check” on your address before installing the module to see which carrier has the best coverage to ensure you have the strongest cellular alarm signal.

Do I Have To Pay The Cellular Company AND The Alarm Company?

Absolutely not. The costs of the cellular connection are already built in to the cost of your cellular alarm system monitoring monthly fee. You should not have to pay anything extra or pay anyone else except for the alarm system company. If you are asked to pay separate bills it is probably best to look at a different alarm company and system.


What Cellular Alarm Systems Cost

As far as the actual alarm system equipment a cellular alarm system should not cost you any more than an alarm system that will be monitored by a phone line or internet connection. The cellular module that is built in to the Control Panel should come free of charge or at least greatly reduced in price by a discount. The cellular monitoring cost could be more than that of a phone line monitored system. Most cellular monitoring rates run from $30-$45 depending on additional features.


What Are The Best Cellular Alarm Systems?

While there are many different types of alarm systems and alarm system equipment out there the actual cellular alarm system monitoring comes down to the alarm company and the monitoring station. The reputation of the alarm system company will have a lot to do with how well your cellular alarm system monitoring works. The best cellular alarm systems are those that are monitored by great alarm companies. Alarm companies like FrontPoint Security and LifeShield Security provide stellar cellular monitoring services and are considered some of the best cellular alarm system companies around.


Reasons To Purchase A Cellular Alarm System

There are plenty of reasons to purchase a cellular alarm system. Some of the main reasons are discussed below:

  • Cellular alarm systems cannot be easily defeated
  • Cellular alarm systems DO NOT require a home phone line
  • A cellular alarm system can be taken with you to a new home
  • Almost anyone can install a cellular alarm system
  • Cellular alarm systems can save you money over a phone line system during the course of your monitoring contract
  • Cellular alarm systems allow for online/remote access to your home alarm system

Cellular Alarm Systems and Interactive Alarm Systems

One thing that makes cellular home alarm systems attractive to homeowners is the ability to use interactive alarm monitoring. Interactive alarm monitoring is not available when using a phone line connection, and is sparingly used with broadband monitoring connections. A cellular alarm connection is the best method to use when using features such as interactive alarm monitoring. Interactive alarm monitoring allows you to access your alarm system from anywhere using your smartphone or by logging in online.

By having a cellular alarm system connection there is a much faster response when you send commands to your alarm system from your smartphone or online. The lag time is just a few seconds with a cellular connection. For instance, if you were to “disarm” your system from your smartphone at work, your system would be disarmed in about 4-5 seconds if not sooner. A cellular alarm system is by far the best when combining with interactive alarm monitoring features.


Where Can I Find Cellular Alarm System Reviews?

Alarm System Report is your source for alarm system reviews , news, and tips. This includes cellular alarm system reviews. Our reviews cover not only the alarm system company itself but also the alarm system as well as the monitoring methods offered by each company. All of the alarm system companies featured in our cellular alarm system reviews offer some form of cellular alarm monitoring.

Our cellular alarm system reviews also feature alarm company coupons and discounts. If you’re looking for cellular alarm system discounts you can find them straight in our reviews or by visiting our alarm system discounts page.


How To Find The Best Cellular Alarm System Discounts

It’s no secret that Alarm System Report is the perfect source for information on home alarm systems, and that includes alarm system discounts. We find coupons and incentives from each of the alarm system companies we feature and display them for you right on our site. You can find cellular alarm system discounts by visiting our alarm system discounts pages or by reading our cellular alarm system reviews. Both will show you the latest alarm system coupons and discounts available.

Another great way to find cellular alarm system discounts is to contact the alarm company. You can find the phone number for each company on each alarm system review as well as other places on Alarm System Report. By calling the company you can find out if they have any unadvertised sales or deals going on. Sometimes these can save you a little bit more.


How Do I Know What Cellular Alarm System Is Best For Me?

Cellular alarm systems are slowly becoming the standard for most home alarm companies. Cellular monitoring provides a wireless and extremely reliable method of home monitoring. Cellular service is providing in well over 95% of populated land in the United States making it accessible to almost anyone.

Of course, if you live in an extremely rural area where landline service is the only thing available you may have to wait a little longer to switch to cellular, but this is extremely rare and in most cases the alarm company can find a solution.

The main advantages to cellular are not having your phone line cut, remote access and of course more peace of mind. Cellular alarm systems are not like your traditional cell phone or smart phone which use voice signals. This is the little picture of “cellular bars” at the top of your phone’s screen. These bars reflect the voice signal that your phone is receiving. All cellular alarm system use data signals instead of voice signals.

As we all know a cell phone can cut in and out of service as you go about your daily routine. This may conjure the idea that cellular is not reliable at all. However, your alarm system does not travel with you and if you have cellular signal at your home with your new alarm system the first day it is installed you will always have signal – barring any major weather events etc.

Finding the best cellular alarm system for you comes down to two main factors, availability and price. First you need to make sure the company offering cellular alarm monitoring is able to get a signal in your area. You can usually find out where certain companies offer service by giving them a call. The second factor is price. The costs of cellular service are already built in to the monthly fees for alarm companiesbut some advertise higher pricing than others for nearly identical service. This often means they cut you a break on the up-front price in exchange for a little higher monthly fee. In the end it usually works out to be about the same across the board over the course of several years but if you’re smart and do your research you can get a great cellular alarm system for a great price. Many of the alarm systems on Alarm System Report’s list have highly competitive pricing.


Do I Need A Cell Phone To Have A Cellular Alarm System?

No, not at all. This is a common misconception when folks are looking to purchase a cellular alarm system. Having a personal cell phone is not needed in order for a cellular alarm system to work properly. Some people believe that you must be in your house, or leave your cell phone in your house for the cellular alarm system to work correctly. This could not be further from the truth.

A cellular alarm system is a standalone system and therefor does not need anything else to function. Furthermore, your personal cell phone will not disrupt or interfere with the cellular alarm system connection to the monitoring station, much the same way someone else’s cell phone does not interfere with yours.


Cellular Alarm Systems vs. Phone Line Alarm Systems

This is the new “battle” going on in the home alarm system industry. Cellular alarm systems have only been around for a few years and have yet to really become the mainstay in the homes across the country, however, cellular alarm system are slowly becoming the system of choice for homeowners nationwide. Phone line systems have traditionally been the most common and most installed, and overall, a phone line monitors most home alarm systems. Many people are beginning to switch though, and there are plenty of reasons why.

As talked about before cellular home alarm systems are a lot more reliable than a home phone line system. First off, a phone line can be cut outside of your home, which isn’t very safe at all. Not to mention, if you do install a cellular alarm system you likely won’t need your home phone line any longer. This can save you a few extra dollars a month not having to pay for a home phone line.

A cellular alarm system gives you way more bang for your buck in the long run as well. Not only will you not have to pay for your home phone line but cellular alarm systems allow for much easier interactive alarm system access. This also means access to home automation features that can help you cut down on your energy bills by remotely controlling your home thermostat or lights. Energy efficiency is key to savings!

Finally, cellular alarm systems are a lot easier to maintain with less to worry about. Like we said before a phone line can be cut, it can also go bad or corrode, or even “freeze” your alarm system if the line is being used elsewhere in the home. With a cellular alarm system you simply set it up and let it run. Should a new module be needed at any time, whether it’s because of a fault or updated technology you just simply pop open the Control Panel and replace the device. No new wiring or drilling is necessary. Cellular alarm systems can also be easily updated remotely. This is more so for the interactive monitoring capabilities, but if you have a cellular module built in to your system many times it can be “updated” with new firmware without ever taking it out of the Control Panel.

There are many reasons why one might purchase a cellular alarm system, and one of those reasons should be because it’s a lot more reliable than a home phone line system.


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