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Combining A Home Alarm System With Home Automation

A typical home alarm system has sensors for doors, windows, perhaps some motion detectors or glass break sensors and possibly some fire detectors and the like; however, most homeowners don’t realize they can make their home alarm system even more efficient with home automation options.

Home automation is a series of equipment you can install in your home, by yourself, that can integrate with your home alarm system. These devices, such as lighting modules, thermostats, automatic door locks, garage door openers and more can be used to completely automate your home and add to the protection of your home alarm system. Not to mention home automation can help you save a ton on your home energy bills.

For instance, you can use light modules to control lighting in your home from lamps or recessed lighting. If you leave your home and have left lights on that you didn’t mean to you can log in to your system online or via a smartphone to turn the lights off. If you’re leaving town for a while and want to automate your lights so it appears someone is home you can do that too.

As for thermostats, it’s easier than ever to control temperature in your home no matter where you are. Coming home on a cold night and want the heat on when you get home? Turn your thermostat up from your smartphone on your way home so your place is nice and warm when you arrive.

Automatic door locks also makes things much easier on homeowners. While some do use keys as well as a touchpad, most newer models use either fingerprint identification or four or five digit pin code to lock and unlock the door. Never worry about losing your keys again, even better, lock or unlock your doors from your smartphone app.

Besides keeping your home more secure home automation can save you a good amount of money on your home energy consumption. Being able to adjust lighting and thermostats, the two biggest energy users in your home, from anywhere allows you to never have to worry about leaving things on when you leave when you can simply turn them off from your phone or computer.

Overall, a home alarm system combined with home automation is the best way to protect your home and save some money doing it. Companies such as FrontPoint Security, LifeShield, Protect America, and Vivint all offer top of the line home alarm systems with great options for home automation. To learn more about home alarm system components and home automation systems read our alarm system reviews or visit our alarm system blog for more information.


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