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Environmental Monitoring Protection And Its Benefits

Environmental Monitoring Frozen Thermostat

Over the past several months we have gone over a few different types of home alarm monitoring for a wireless alarm system. The most common , of course, is intrusion monitoring. We have also talked about fire alarm monitoring and medical alarm monitoring. The one we have yet to talk about very much is environmental monitoring. While it certainly isn’t the most recognized type of monitoring is definitely an important aspect of owning a home alarm system.

Environmental monitoring pertains to alerting you or the monitoring station when there is an environmental emergency in your home. Some of these include freezing pipes or low temperatures, flooding or high water, and carbon monoxide. To monitor for low temperatures one would use a Freeze Sensor. The Freeze Sensor will alert you if the temperature drops below a certain degree, usually somewhere around 45-50 degrees. One might think that’s a high temperature, well above freezing, to monitoring for but it’s designed to give you ample time to take action if needed. You wouldn’t want your alert going off at 35 degrees and your pipes freezing within a few hours. Freeze sensors are great for any normal residence and especially vacation or secondary homes. If you aren’t living in the home permanently or only go so often a Freeze Sensor can be a necessary component. Especially if there is not a consistent source of heat in the home.

Another way to utilize environmental monitoring is to warn of rising water or a flood. A Flood Sensor can be used in areas in your home where water may collect or there is a possibility of leaking pipes. There is normally two parts to the Flood Sensor. The “sensor” and the “transmitter”. The sensor usually goes on the floor near a wall. The transmitter is placed on the wall and the two pieces are connected with a small wire. If the sensor is touched by water the transmitter sends a signal of the warning to the Control Panel. You would be notified on your phone by a text message if you have an interactive monitoring plan with your alarm system company.

Lastly, we have environmental monitoring for carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide monitoring is fairly straightforward. If you use a gas stove or have gas heating in your home there is always a possibility of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors will detect any high amount of CO in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors are best used near the ground as CO is a heavy gas that falls towards the ground.

Installing the devices is simple, especially with a do it yourself alarm system. Most devices are simply “peel and place” like the majority of wireless alarm system equipment.

Environmental monitoring is just as important as any other alarm system monitoring. This is especially true if you have a vacation home or secondary home. These might not be things you think about it when looking at an alarm system but they can definitely by lifesavers later. You can learn more about environmental monitoring and devices by visiting our alarm system reviews.