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Exploring Alarm System Mobile App

One of the greatest advances in home alarm systems has been the addition of interactive monitoring and mobile technology. is a technology provider who created a mobile app to allow alarm system companies to utilize their technology and bring mobile alarm system monitoring to homeowners everywhere. partners with thousands of alarm companies nationwide and allows alarm companies to use their own brand when providing mobile apps to customers.

Now homeowners like you can monitor your home while on the go using an alarm system mobile app from your alarm system provider. The alarm system mobile app is a great way to alter settings, view live & streaming video, as well as manage home automation devices. Today we’ll explore the alarm system mobile app and its available features.

Change Alarm System Settings Mobile App Interface

You can use your alarm system mobile app to alter settings on your alarm system such as arming/disarming, receive alerts about system activity, and view a log of the system’s usage history. Combined with the online platform you can also create new user pin codes and delete old ones – which is great for those with rental properties who want to create codes for new tenants and easily delete them without having to be physically present at the property. The alarm system mobile app makes it simple to manage the basic settings of your home alarm system.

Video Monitoring

Perhaps the best advancement for mobile technology an home alarm systems is the ability to view live streaming and recorded video clips from your alarm system’s wireless video cameras. Using the alarm system mobile app you can view live video of your home and also be alerted if the you camera has recorded any movement. The cameras will also record if your alarm system is triggered. Now you can not only keep an eye on the family pet or be alerted when the kids get home from school but you can also catch a potential burglar in the act!

Home Automation

Home automation systems have become a must have for homeowners. Now it’s easier than ever as you’re able to easily integrate home automation devices with your home alarm system. Controlling your home automation devices is easy as ever as well. Using the alarm system mobile app you can manage all your home automation devices such as lights, thermostats, garage door openers, and door locks among many others. Forgot to turn off the hall light? Shut it off with your mobile app on your way to work!


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