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Home Alarm System Contract Specifics

All alarm system companies offer a different contract. The details differ from company to company, but the concept is the same or very similar. Home alarm system contract details should be a large reason to choose a specific alarm system.

The biggest differences in alarm system contracts come between contract length and prices.

The reason an alarm system company has a contract for their home alarm system is pretty simple- it guarantees money for a set block of time. In doing this, the alarm system company can offer better discounts for their home alarm systems. By signing a multi-year contract you’ll most likely be saving money. And if you’re not going to be getting a discount on your monthly payment, seriously consider switching companies. There should be an incentive to stay with a specific home alarm system for a set block of time.

If you don’t plan on moving, you should seriously consider getting a multi-year contract. The more years you sign, the bigger a discount you’ll get. The commitment gets you discounts. But if you DO plan on moving, or your future is uncertain in a particular location, there are companies that offer month-to-month contracts. This can be compared to a short term cell phone contract. You’ll probably pay more month to month, but it definitely gets you some flexibility.

In general, we recommend signing a contract for your home alarm system. It could be for a year or 2 years, but in general it’s better for everyone if there’s a longer term contract in the mix.


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