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Home Automation is the New Addition to Home Alarm Systems

Home automation in a home is the next big addition to any alarm system. I you’re thinking about purchasing one of the top alarm systems out there, defnitely consider adding home automation into the mix. You’re going to want it down the road, and home automation is the route that all of the best alarm systems are going down.

So, what is home automation? Well it basically allows you to managing your home remotely. You can access your home via smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Ok cool… I have access. Now what?

Well you pay a little extar for this access, but it means that you can shut off your lights, turn your thermostat down/up, arm/disarm your alarm system. It allows you to lower your electric bill and gives you an opportunity to turn things off and lower your carbon footprint remotely. Many people find that the extra that they pay every month for the home automation is easily cancelled out by turning off lights and lowering the thermostat.

This technology has been around for a while. The biggest thing is that changed it was that they started to be added to alarm systems as a package deal. Smart phones really turned the game around though. They’ve made it easier than ever to access your home remotely. It makes huge difference when it’s not a hassle. You can check it while you’re working, out to dinner or on vacation.

The other addition to the home automation is the addition of a live camera feed. It’s easier than ever to peek up on your home and find out who or what is happening with a live feed.

If you’re considering getting an alarm system with home automation, be sure to look into Vivint Home Security. They are very well known for the far reaching and simple to use home automation system. Vivint is the leader in the industry for home automation and they always have the highest end products.


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