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Home Safety Tips While Traveling For The Holidays

Home Safety Tips During Holidays

It’s that time of year when many people pack their bags and head out of town to visit family or friends for the holidays. That also means burglars are waiting in the wings for you to leave your home unattended. Keeping your home and belongings safe during this time is extremely important, and with a few simple tips you can make sure your holiday is full of smiles instead of headaches.

While you’re getting prepared to leave your home there are a few home safety items you should mark down on your checklist. If you have a home alarm system, especially a wireless alarm system, you will want to make sure the batteries in all your alarm sensors work properly. If you have a sensor in which the battery is running low it is recommended that you change it before leaving. Don’t own an alarm system? We recommend looking in to one. Even if you won’t have time to get one installed before you leave, it could be a huge benefit to you in the future. Not to mention with companies like FrontPoint Security, LifeShield or ADT you can have an alarm installed or ready to install the very next day. It’s never too late!

While a home alarm system is the most surefire way to keep your home safe during the holidays there are several other things you can do as well. Take time to walk around your home and check all your windows and doors. Make sure all the windows are locked and sturdy. Make sure your doors are locked, and if you will be having someone come by to check on the house or watch a pet, make sure to give them the key before you leave if they don’t have one already. While some people like to simply leave a key “hidden” outside somewhere, it’s always best to give the key to the individual yourself. This way a possible burglar can’t stumble upon your key outside, making an intrusion that much easier. Trust us, they’ll be looking!

Another helpful thing would be to tell your neighbors who are staying in town that you will be gone. If you do have someone coming by to check on your home or a pet let them know as well. While we never advocate a neighbor confronting a possible burglar, it is definitely helpful having extra eyes on your home while you’re gone and that someone can contact police if need be.

If you have any home automation equipment such as light controls or thermostats it might be helpful to set these up on some sort of random timer. Perhaps your front porch light will come on at dusk and turn off at sunrise, or your living room lights come on and off randomly throughout the day. This can give the impression that someone is home.

Lastly, if you do own an alarm system, it may be helpful to let your alarm company know that you will be out of town for a while. While certainly not a necessity it definitely does not hurt.

Throughout the country the next couple weeks families and friends will be traveling to every corner of the U.S. Keeping some of the above tips in mind could save you a lot of stress during this happy time. As always, if you’re interested in purchasing an alarm system from one of best alarm companies to help protect your home it’s best to check out our alarm system reviews.

Stay safe and happy holidays!