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Preventing False Alarms in a Home Alarm System

False alarms can be real bother. If you’ve got a home alarm system, you’re at rick for tripping a false alarm. Although it isn’t particularly common, it can happen. You are going to want to avoid a false alarm as much as possible though. Multiple false alarms that follow through to the police arriving will cost you money and the patience of your local law enforcement, which is something you never want to happen.

When home alarm systems first became popular, they were directly connected to the local law enforcement. SO whenever he alarm was tripped the police showed up- whether it was a legitimate concern or not. Since then, alarm systems have changed drastically. All home alarm systems contact the alarm system company first. After speaking with your alarm system company, the authorities will (or will not) be contacted based upon your response (or non response).

The first thing you will want to do, is to get into a routine. That might mean turning off the alarm system he second that you walk in the door. It might mean disabling it with a home automation system before you walk in the door. Really, whatever you’d like.

If you have a false alarm, ad you’re not sure why, you are going to want to call your alarm system company to try and figure it out. If it’s an older system, it might be a faulty wire. We suggest switching over to a wireless alarm system sooner rather than later.

If you’ve just walked in the door and you’ve forgotten to disable the alarm system, it is going to start beeping. Shortly after, the alarm system company will call you and confirm if there is a problem. The first thing that you will have to do is disable the alarm system and then you will generally give a safety word to the alarm system company.

Hopefully these tips help you out down the road when you’re in danger of a false alarm!


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