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Top Alarm Systems that are Pet Friendly

We go over this issue pretty frequently here at Alarm System Report. People have pets here, but people also want their homes to be protected. A home alarm system should be able to protect your home- whether you have pets or not. The top alarm systems can do this, you just need to figure out what qualifies as the top alarm system and what, exactly, makes them good for pets. Many homes have more than just human family members and you should really find out the best way to accommodate everyone! On top of that, you’re going to wat to find out the best kind of alarm system because it will save you time and a headache down the road. The last thing that you want is a false alarm while you are not home. The police will show up only to find a restless cat or a puppy wanting out instead of a burglar.

The first thing that we suggest is a wireless alarm system. We have reviewed a number of wireless alarm systems at Alarm System Report. Our favorites are FrontPoint Security, LifeShield, Protect America, Vivint and ADT. Why did we pick these? Well, they’re known for their wireless alarm systems. The last thing you want running along your walls in a wire for a new puppy on or a big dog to rip up. You’re much better off getting a wireless security system and keeping it out of reach of your new pets.

Every good home alarm system company will work with you to optimize your alarm system for your home. You will probably have to do away with your motion detectors. While this is certainly not ideal, other forms of detection can be use. Glass break sensors are popular adjustment.

Make sure you discuss your pets with your alarm system company beforehand to make sure that you’re getting the top alarm system out there for your home! Top alarm systems are not hard to come by, but there is always a perfect fit, you’ll just need to find it!


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