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Top Home Alarm System For People With Pets

The top home alarm system for people with pets takes a few scenarios into account. Failing to prepare for these scenarios can result in the homeowner having multiple false alarms and possible disruption of their home alarm system

In this post we’ll go over some of the issues you need to watch out for when installing a home alarm system in a pet-friendly home.

Motion Detection

Motion detection systems are an important part of a home security system. These detectors ensure that even if a home invader or burglar make it into the house undetected, they’ll still be discovered by the motion sensors.

Unfortunately, dogs, cats, and other pets can easily set-off a motion detector. When you are away from home and your pet sets off your alarm, the police end up going to your home. After one of two of these false alarms, the police will end up taking negative actions against you. They will either charge you for each visit or simply refuse to go out to your house. This means you’ll either lose money or lose the police protection you had prior to the false alarms. Neither of these scenarios are good ones.

To avoid this situation, you have two options. The first option is to go ahead and completely disable the motion detectors. You can simply go ahead and take them out and you won’t have to worry about them anymore. The downside to this is that you’ll lose some of your protection.

Another option would be to install your motion detectors at a level where your pets can’t set them off. This won’t work for cats who like to jump around, but it can work if done properly. Ask your home alarm system professional to install your motion sensors in a pet-friendly manner or go the DIY route and install your own do it yourself home alarm system.

Door And Window Sensors

Homes with chewing puppies need to make sure they have their door and window sensors up high enough that their puppy can’t get to them. When the sensors are tampered with, they can end up going off, which will create the same false-alarm scenario we talked about above.


The top home alarm system for people with pets is always going to be a wireless system. Wires can easily be pulled out or chewed on by rambunctious pets. This is just another way in which pets can set-off your alarm system. Also, the pets could even end up hurting themselves.

Top Home Alarm System Company For People With Pets

Most home alarm system companies will work to help you have both a safe and pet-friendly home. Companies like ADT will send professionals out to help you install your home alarm system and companies like FrontPoint Security will provide you with the DIY instructions you need to get everything setup correctly.

The key to finding a good company to work with will be asking the appropriate question first. Make sure your sales representative knows that you have a pet-friendly house and that you will need an alarm system that will accommodate that.