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Many people still use phone lines to monitoring their home alarm systems, but more homeowners are getting rid of their phone lines. Alarm system companies soon realized that taking advantage of the advances in cellular technology would add to the safety and reliability of their security products. Cellular alarm companies also offer a solution that is impervious to burglar that can bypass a wire alarm system by simply cutting the phone lines. Cellular alarm system companies offer the safest and most advanced solution for securing your home.

Within the last several years many alarm companies have begun to offer cellular security either as an option or exclusively. Cellular monitoring is affordable and it’s imperative to find the right alarm company offering cellular security at an affordable price. We’ve done the research and would highly recommend taking a close look at one of the following cellular alarm system companies.

Our list of the best cellular alarm system companies

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Are ALL Alarm Companies Offering Cellular Monitoring?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! Not all alarm companies are offering cellular monitoring. In fact, there are a lot of alarm companies still relying on the outdated phone line. As we’ve said before a phone line alarm system is not nearly as reliable or safe as a cellular alarm system. The companies offering cellular alarm systems are the ones to look at the closest.

Companies offering cellular monitoring also offer some of the best alarm equipment and technology available today. What’s even better is that some alarm companies have decided to do away with offering phone line or internet monitoring services altogether. THESE alarm companies are to look for and there are several on our list including FrontPoint Security and Protect America.

Some of the larger companies like ADT and Guardian offer phone line and cellular methods of monitoring mainly because of their large customer bases and the fact they have been using these methods for so long. Just because a company still offers these options for monitoring does not mean you should discount them in your search for an alarm – but the ones offering cellular exclusively are usually the ones that provide the best overall service.


What alarm companies are offering cellular monitoring?

Most alarm companies in the industry today are offering some form of cellular monitoring whether it is cellular only or as a backup to your phone line service. Cellular monitoring is still fairly new on the scene considering the fast paced world of new technology. Cellular phones have been around much longer, but utilizing this new technology for your home alarm system is a new trend – and a great one.

As we’ve said before cellular monitoring is by far the most reliable and is extremely affordable. Phone line monitoring is generally less expensive each month, but keep in mind you also have to pay for your phone line as well, so the costs generally even out. So, why wouldn’t you simply choose a more reliable option with a company offering cellular monitoring?

Below are a few of the best alarm companies offering cellular monitoring:

FrontPoint Security
Protect America

Always keep in mind when looking for a good alarm company and cellular monitoring to make sure you have cellular coverage in your area. When contacting the alarm company always ask for cellular monitoring and for the consultant to check to make sure they can service your area. Nothing stinks worse than falling in love with a system only to find out they can’t provide cellular alarm service in your area!


Can I Test My Cellular Connection BEFORE I Choose An Alarm Company?

Cellular technology is pretty standard across the board. While the phone in your hand uses a little bit different cellular signals than a cellular alarm system they are still very similar – kind of like a brother and sister.

A good indicator of whether or not a cellular alarm system will work in your home is whether or not you get decent signal on your personal cell phone. Again, this is not always 100% accurate but can give you a good idea of whether or not an alarm company offering cellular monitoring will be able to install and provide service at your home. Keep in mind that the main Control Panel will be in an area of your home that gets good cellular signal. They don’t normally go in the corner of your basement or in a metal lockbox. Most of the newer Control Panel’s, especially DIY Control Panel’s, can simply sit on a tabletop or can be easily mounted on the wall next to your door.

Ultimately you will want to contact the alarm companies you are interested in and ask whether or not they can provide service in your area. Most will be able to and can tell you very quickly what options you have. This should be one of the first questions you ask a cellular alarm company when you begin your search.


Where Can I Find Cellular Alarm Company Reviews?

Alarm System Report is your best source for alarm company reviews news, and tips. This includes cellular alarm company reviews. Our cellular alarm system company reviews cover not only the alarm company company itself but also the alarm company as well as the monitoring methods offered by each company. All of the alarm system companies featured in our cellular alarm company reviews offer some form of cellular alarm monitoring.

Our cellular alarm company reviews also feature alarm company coupons and discounts. If you’re looking for cellular alarm company discounts you can find them straight in our reviews or by visiting our alarm company discounts page.


How To Find The Best Cellular Alarm Company Discounts

It’s no secret that Alarm System Report is the perfect source for information on cellular alarm companies, and that includes alarm company discounts. We find coupons and incentives from each of the cellular alarm companies we feature and display them for you right on our site. You can find cellular alarm company discounts by visiting our alarm company discounts pages or by reading our cellular alarm company reviews. Both will show you the latest alarm company coupons and discounts available.

Another great way to find cellular alarm company discounts is to contact the alarm company itself. You can find the phone number for each company on each review as well as other places on Alarm System Report. By calling the company you can find out if they have any unadvertised sales or deals going on. Sometimes these can save you a little bit more.


How Do I Know What Cellular Alarm Company Is Best For Me?

Cellular alarm systems are slowly becoming the standard for most home alarm companies. Cellular alarm monitoring provides a wireless and extremely reliable method of home monitoring. Cellular service is provided in well over 95% of populated land in the United States making it accessible to almost anyone.

Of course, if you live in an extremely rural area where landline service is the only thing available you may have to wait a little longer to switch to cellular or ask the cellular alarm company if they have any alternatives, but this is extremely rare and in most cases the alarm company can find a solution.

The main advantages to cellular alarm systems are not having your phone line cut, remote access and of course more peace of mind. Cellular alarm companies and monitoring are not like cell phone companies or phones, which use voice signals. This is the little picture of “cellular bars” at the top of your phone’s screen. These bars reflect the voice signal that your phone is receiving. All cellular alarm companies use data signals instead of voice signals to have a stronger, more consistent connection.

As we all know a cell phone can cut in and out of service as you go about your daily routine or while you’re driving around. This may conjure the idea that cellular is not that reliable. However, your cellular alarm system does not travel with you and if you have cellular signal at your home with your new alarm company the first day it is installed you will always have signal – barring any major weather events etc.

Finding the best cellular alarm company for you comes down to two main factors, availability and price. First you need to make sure the alarm company offering cellular alarm monitoring is able to get a signal in your area. You can usually find out where certain companies offer service by giving them a call. The second factor is price. The costs of cellular alarm service are already built in to the monthly fees for cellular alarm companies but some advertise higher pricing than others for nearly identical service. This often means they cut you a break on the up-front price in exchange for a little higher monthly fee. In the end it usually works out to be about the same across the board over the course of several years but if you’re smart and do your research you can get a great cellular alarm company for a great price. Many of the cellular alarm companies on Alarm System Report’s list have highly competitive pricing.


Will The Cellular Alarm Company Have To Give Me A New Cell Phone?

No, not at all. This is a common misconception when folks are looking to purchase from a cellular alarm company. Having a personal cell phone is not needed in order for a cellular alarm company to work properly, therefor you won’t need anything extra from the alarm company itself. Another misconception is you must be in your house, or leave your cell phone in your house for the cellular alarm system to work correctly. This could not be further from the truth.

Cellular alarm system companies provide a standalone cellular alarm system with a built in cellular device and therefor does not need anything else to function. Furthermore, your personal cell phone will not disrupt or interfere with the cellular alarm company or the system’s connection to the monitoring station, much the same way someone else’s cell phone does not interfere with yours.


Cellular Alarm Companies vs. Phone Line Alarm Companies

This is the new “battle” going on in the home alarm industry. Cellular alarm companies have only been around for a several years and have yet to really become the mainstay in the homes across the country, however, cellular alarm companies are slowly becoming the best choice for homeowners nationwide. Phone line companies have traditionally been the most common and most well known, and overall, a phone line monitors most alarm company systems. Many people are beginning to switch, however, and there are plenty of reasons why.

As talked about before cellular home alarm companies and their monitoring are much more reliable than a phone line alarm company. First off, a phone line can be cut outside of your home, which isn’t very safe at all. Not to mention, if you do install a cellular alarm system you likely won’t need your home phone line any longer. This can save you a few extra dollars a month not having to pay for a home phone line.

A cellular alarm company gives you way more bang for your buck in the long run as well. Not only will you not have to pay for your home phone line but cellular alarm companies and systems allow for much easier interactive alarm system access. This also means access to home automation features that can help you cut down on your energy bills by remotely controlling your home thermostat or lights. Energy efficiency is key to savings!

Finally, cellular alarm companies are a lot easier to work with and can help get your system installed a little more quickly with less to worry about. Like we said before a phone line can be cut, it can also go bad or corrode, or even “freeze” your alarm system connection if the line is being used elsewhere in the home. With a cellular alarm company you simply set your system up and let it run and contact them if needed.. Should a new module be needed at any time, whether it’s because of a fault or updated technology you just simply pop open the Control Panel and replace it with a new device given by the cellular alarm company. No new wiring or drilling is necessary. Cellular alarm companies can also update things remotely. This is more so for the interactive monitoring capabilities, but if you have a cellular module built in to your system many times it can be “updated” without ever taking it out of the Control Panel.

There are many reasons why one might purchase from a cellular alarm company, and one of those reasons should be because cellular alarm monitoring is a lot more reliable than a home phone line system.


Where To Find More Information On Cellular Alarm Companies

As we say all the time Alarm System Report is a great source for alarm company reviews, news and purchasing tips. Our cellular alarm company reviews are about as thorough as they come. We have everything you need to know about cellular alarm companies including pricing, installation information, customer service and a full company overview.

Reading cellular alarm system company reviews can really help you narrow down your choices. There are a number of great cellular alarm companies out there today and it can be difficult to choose. By reading cellular alarm company reviews you can learn more about each company and narrow down your list.

After reading reviews it’s imperative to call at least a couple cellular alarm companies to get quotes and compare pricing. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have after reading reviews or other information on Alarm System Report. You can even find cellular alarm company coupons and discounts on each review to help you with the costs of your new alarm system.


Ranking The Top Cellular Alarm Companies

When we first set out to create our cellular alarm company reviews we contracted several alarm system experts to help. We reviewed dozens of alarm companies and systems to come up with our cellular alarm company rankings. After researching so many companies we were able to come up with our top cellular alarm companies list.

Determining the top cellular alarm company was no easy task. There were several companies that could have taken the top spot, however, there can only be one at the very top. After months of research is was concluded that FrontPoint Security is the top cellular alarm company. They provide 100% cellular alarm monitoring with each of their alarm systems, meaning they don’t even offer phone line alarm systems. FrontPoint prides itself on providing exceptional customer service and offering an alarm system that is second to none.

There are several other cellular alarm companies who could have taken the top spot, but fell just short. These companies are no slouch either including LifeShield Security, Protect America and Vivint. All three of these companies are listed in our top cellular alarm system rankings.


Comparing Cellular Alarm Companies

There are a few ways that you can compare cellular alarm companies when you’re doing your research. It can be difficult to find the differences sometimes but if you look closely enough you will find a few things that may set one cellular alarm company apart from another.

First, the main differentiator between cellular alarm companies could be price. In the end cellular alarm monitoring is cellular alarm monitoring. One cellular alarm company doesn’t necessarily have a “better” cellular device than another, although you may want to stick with a company that uses as their cellular module provider. Either way, the price for the cellular alarm system and monitoring can different based on each company. Some things that may change the price are the length of the alarm contract or the amount of equipment you purchase. Not to mention that some cellular alarm companies DO charge for built in cellular device while others do not.

As we mentioned before there could be slight differences in the built-in cellular module. Many of the best cellular alarm companies use a module manufactured by, who is one of the originators of cellular alarm monitoring. Companies such as FrontPoint Security and Protect America both use the cellular module.

Finally, trust your gut. If there is one cellular alarm company that is looking more promising than another, whether it’s because of price or another factor, you should go with the one you feel best fits your needs. In the end you really can’t go wrong with any of these cellular alarm companies, and keep in mind many of them also offer trial period so if you’re not satisfied you can always send the system back for a refund and go with another company.


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