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Vivint Coupons, Discount Codes, Promotions

Alarm System Report offers free to use Vivint coupons, discount codes, and current promotions. Using these discount codes and methods can save you up to 40% on your Vivint home security system. Simply click the links below to redeem the coupons and definitely check out our secret method for finding Vivint’s unadvertised “Secret Vivint Promotions”.


$100 Off Your Activation & Equipment at NO COST

For a limited time, save $100 on the activation of your home security system with Vivint. Get this offer with in addition to a special offer that allows you to get equipment at NO COST. Call to learn more about this special offer.

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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Unadvertised Promotions

Getting the best deal on a Vivint home alarm system is actually not by using a coupon code. To get the best deal, call the number below and ask them about their current unadvertised promotion. You’ll get a better discount by doing this than with any Vivint coupon or discount code you find online. Call the number below, provide them with your information, and then ask about their unadvertised promotions.

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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Got a Vivint Coupon or Discount Code to Share?

We’re looking for great Vivint coupon and discount codes and would love to have you share one with our visitors. We’re constantly searching for additional ways to help homeowners save as much as possible when shopping for a home alarm system from Vivint and coupons are always greatly appreciated by our site’s visitors. If you have a Vivint coupon or discount code and it’s valid, please send us the following information to

  • Coupon or Discount Code
  • Description
  • Expiration Date

Once we have received your Vivint coupon, we’ll check with them to ensure that it’s valid and then we’ll post it to the site for our visitors to use while shopping for Vivint security systems.


Getting the Best Deal from Vivint without a Coupon or Discount Code

Taking advantage of a Vivint coupon or discount code is not always the best way to save money while buying a home alarm system from them. We’ve got a little secret that allows you to get the best deal on a Vivint alarm system. Simply call them and immediately ask them for their current promotions or offers. By doing this, you’ll get an instant quote and can then gauge what their current promotions can offer in terms of a discount. By getting the total cost from Vivint and understanding how their promotions can help you save, you’ll usually find the best deal. Vivint’s current promotions will typically offer better discounts than any coupon or discount code you can find online.

As soon as you have a realistic quote and have seen Vivint’s current promotion, you’ll find that the sales team typically has extra wiggle room to earn your business. Just ask the sales person if there is anything extra incentives that they can offer to earn your business. Offering extra incentives to close deals over the phone is typical for these types of services, but you’ll never know if there are more savings available unless you ask them directly over the phone.

Give them a call at:

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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Try Using Vivint’s Competitor Coupons

If you look around online, you’ll find tons of coupons and discount codes offer by Vivint’s competitors, which may get you a better deal on a home alarm system. We recommend calling Vivint first and a few competitors to get precise quotes in order to have all accurate information as a basis. Once you have all the quotes, you can then go back to each company and see if they are willing to price-match their competitor’s quotes. Most alarm system companies are going to do whatever they can to make a comparable offer in order to earn your business. Of course, this only works if you have real quotes from all of the companies that you are looking into.

If you happen to find an amazing discount code or coupon from a Vivint competitor, give them a call with that coupon code ready and see if they’ll work with you to find a comparable offer. Vivint’s technology is awesome and they know that you’ll love it. They’ll usually work with you to find a deal that is competitive in order to earn your business. Either way, you’ll never know unless you ask them if they’ll price match a competitors offer or coupon code. You have to call them directly and you have to be upfront about the fact that you’re searching for a deal.

Call them to get a precise quote:

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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Getting Instant Quotes from Vivint

What you pay for a Vivint home alarm system is going to depend on several factors, so you’ll have to call them or request a quote to get an accurate price for your system. The price depends on the size of your home and the types of services you want to include like monitoring and equipment. We recommend that you get an instant quote from Vivint before anything else and then you can shop around with the accurate information to compare prices from other competitors. If nothing else, it gives you a baseline to understand how much you can save by getting additional codes and promotions.

There are two ways to get an accurate quote and pricing from Vivint and we recommend that you take advantage of them before doing anything else. You can fill out our instant quote form or call the number below to speak to someone. Both are great ways to get an accurate price, but a personal call will likely lead to the lower price by disclosing that you are already looking for a deal on your alarm system. Don’t forget to ask them about any promotions or offers that are currently available so that you get the best initial quote.

Compare Instant Quotes

Or Call

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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Finding the Best Vivint Coupons & Discount Codes Online

If you’re still not satisfied after getting instant quotes and seeing Vivint’s current promotions, there are plenty of sites that offer Vivint coupons and discount codes. We scour the internet daily in search of the latest coupons, discount codes, and promotion from Vivint. Unfortunately, we found that most of the coupons online are expired or no longer valid. You can quickly find plenty of Vivint coupons, but you’ll have a tough time finding recent ones that we haven’t already posted on our site.

While most of the Vivint coupons and discount codes are no longer valid, we recommend taking the code and your previous quote back to Vivint. Tell them that you have been quoted already and have found coupons that interest you, but that you’re looking to have them offer something similar. They will likely honor the coupon or at least give you some additional ways to save on your home alarm system. Asking never hurt and you’ll most likely find that doing this process properly will lead to landing the best possible price for a Vivint alarm system.

When you find a coupon online, simply call the number below:

Call: 1 (855) 300-1752

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