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Alarm system companies used to bang on your door, sell you on security and be tearing down your walls a day later. While this method certainly sold a lot of alarm systems it didn’t put some customers needs or wants first. What if I want to install my own alarm system? Several alarm companies are now offering easy to set up wireless alarm systems. Some of the best alarm system companies in the business are offering this option exclusively.

Don’t want to wait around for an installer? Want to secure your home in under an hour? You can easily setup these DIY alarm systems yourself in a couple of hours and with a few simple tools. We carefully reviewed the companies that offer DIY solutions for home security and would recommend sticking to one of the following companies. Read the review and make your own decision, but you can definitely save a ton of money by not having to get your home alarm system professionally installed.

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Who Are The Companies Offering Do It Yourself Home Security?

Do It Yourself alarm systems are fairly new to the industry. For years and years alarms were installed by technicians of “professional alarm installers”. Several companies came along to change the way the alarm industry game is played with Do It Yourself monitored alarm systems. Most Do It Yourself systems that had been created were non-monitored as companies would waive hardware costs in exchange for the installation cost and monitoring fee. This was a much better deal for alarm customers, and you had someone to call the police for you should your alarm go off. Brilliant!

Eventually several companies came along that began selling monitored Do It Yourself alarm systems. Some systems plugged in to your phone line while newer systems used cellular communicators. With wireless alarm systems now in full swing Do It Yourself has almost become the method of choice. Below is a list of alarm companies on our list that offer DIY home security.

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What’s The Best Do It Yourself Alarm Company?

You can check our reviews to find out! 🙂

We do have a few recommendations when looking for a good DIY alarm company, however.

The most important factor with a DIY alarm company is the reputation of the company’s technical and customer support. You want a DIY company that has great technical support reviews and is able to answer customer questions quickly and easily.

You may have a major technical issue or simply want to know how to dim the light on your TouchScreen keypad but regardless of the problem you want a company who can answer it. Several companies on Alarm System Report’s top alarm company list have great reputations when it comes to technical and customer support.


How A Do It Yourself Alarm Company Operates

Choosing a do it yourself alarm system as opposed to a professionally installed alarm system has its benefits. It can save you time and ultimately save you money on the installation. Most DIY alarm systems take about 30 minutes to install and require no tools or prior experience. These are the main reasons so many people are choosing a do it yourself alarm system. Here we will look at the different steps to purchasing, receiving and installing your do it yourself alarm system from the DIY alarm company.

The first step to getting your DIY system is, of course, to buy it! Calling the do it yourself alarm company to go over pricing and order your system is the first step. Make sure to ask questions and go over what equipment you will be getting so you can be prepared when the system arrives. Once you have ordered your DIY alarm system the alarm company should program the system for you before shipping it.

Once you receive your do it yourself alarm system it’s time for the set up. The DIY alarm company should provide detailed instructions to show you how to go about setting up your new system. There should also be contact information with the instructions in case you run in to a snag and need to contact the alarm company to ask a question or for assistance.

After setting up your alarm system it’s time to give the DIY alarm company a call so they can “check” your system and have it activated for you. They will likely go over each sensor with you to make sure it’s working effectively, then will check the Control Panel. Once everything has been checked and given the OK the company will then activate your alarm system.

All of this should take no more than an hour, including the set-up and activation call. Do it yourself alarm companies have made things easy for the homeowner with simple steps and easy to install alarm systems. The only time when it may take longer is if you have an abundance of equipment or a large house to walk through.


Questions To Ask A DIY Alarm Company

When you are shopping for your new do it yourself alarm system there are several questions you should remember to ask. Here are some of the main questions to ask a DIY alarm company:

What Does The DIY Installation Entail?

While most do it yourself alarm system installations are pretty straightforward there could be a few nuances with certain do it yourself alarm companies and how their system’s installation works. It’s always a good idea to ask the consultant on the phone what the installation entails or ask them to point you in the direction of a video of guide that may explain the installation in more detail. While all installations should be pretty simple, it’s good to know what you’re getting in to.

Do You Offer A Professional Installation?

Although we’re talking about do it yourself alarm system companies many of them do still offer some form of technician installation. This could be an important question for a few reasons. One, if you are disabled, or the homeowner has a physical limitation and cannot perform the installation themselves, it’s good to know if the DIY alarm company can provide installation. This may also be important if you are not at the home, perhaps if the home is a vacation house or second home. There will likely be a fee for installation if you don’t go the do it yourself route, but again this could be helpful for some people.

Is The Do It Yourself Installation Completely Free?

In most cases the do it yourself alarm company will not charge anything for installation if you purchase. However, some DIY alarm companies may charge for activation. This is extremely rare, and we haven’t found many of the top DIY alarm companies charging for activation, but it is out there. Currently we don’t believe any of the best do it yourself alarm companies on Alarm System Report’s list are charging anything extra for choosing the DIY method – especially those that only offer this installation method.

Can I Get A Discount For Choosing A DIY Alarm Installation?

As we said before there are some DIY alarm companies that offer professional installation or will offer you a choice. It’s always a good idea to ask if you get any DIY alarm system discounts for choosing a do it yourself installation. This could end up saving you a few dollars, or you could uncover other incentives of discounts available from the DIY alarm system company.


Where Can I Read DIY Alarm Company Reviews?

We knew you were looking for something important! The best place to find DIY alarm system reviews is, drumroll please, Alarm System Report! ASR is dedicated to providing the most extensive do it yourself alarm company reviews that cover every aspect of the alarm company, system, and the installation.

Alarm System Report’s DIY alarm company reviews give a company overview, alarm system pricing, and most important off all goes over the DIY alarm system installation. We have a number of videos that can show you what the installation entails as well as a thorough description of the process so you can learn everything you need to know before purchasing and installing your do it yourself alarm system.


Do All The Alarm Companies You Review Offer DIY Installation?

Most of the alarm companies on our list and that we review are DIY alarm system companies. However, not all of them are. There are a few alarm companies on our list that do not currently offer any do it yourself alarm system installation options. ADT is one of the companies that does not offer a DIY alarm system. ADT is the more “traditional” company that provides professional installation to its customers.

Some alarm companies offer both options. For instance LifeShield Security is not only a do it yourself alarm company but they also offer professional installation service. FrontPoint Security is another company that offers both. However, FrontPoint Security is primarily a DIY alarm company and usually only offers professional installation upon a customer’s request, although the technician that comes to your home to install would not be a representative of FrontPoint but a private alarm installation contractor.

In conclusion, no, not all alarm companies are DIY alarm companies. Some of the best alarm companies are DIY alarm companies, however, which is why the majority of the companies at the top of our list offer do it yourself alarm system installations.


Common Questions About Do It Yourself Alarm Companies

From time to time we receive questions on a number of topics including do it yourself alarm system companies. Here are some of the common questions people ask Alarm System Report about DIY alarm companies:

Are Do It Yourself Alarm Companies Less Reliable?

A common misnomer about DIY alarm companies is that they are less reliable than those companies that come to your house to install the alarm system. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many of the DIY alarm companies on our list have some of the best service in the entire industry. Just because you don’t actually speak to someone face to face doesn’t mean they don’t care about you.


Questions To Ask A Do It Yourself Alarm Company

After you have done your research on DIY alarm companies it’s time to start making a few phone calls to ask questions. Here are a few questions to ask a do it yourself alarm company:

How Easy Is It To Install Your DIY Alarm System?

Since you are looking in to a do it yourself alarm system it’s probably a good idea to get some information from the DIY alarm system company about the actual installation. While it should be fairly simple and straightforward it’s a good idea get some insight. The more you know the better you will feel about your purchase and the more prepared you will be when it comes time to install your alarm system.

What Do I Do If I Have Trouble Installing The Alarm System?

Another important thing to know is where you can turn if you have trouble installing the DIY alarm system, or if you can’t do it at all. The DIY alarm company should be able to help you in the event you hit a snag or need assistance. There should also be detailed instructions provided by the do it yourself alarm company to guide you along the way. Regardless, knowing where you can turn or what options you have if there is a problem or you can’t install the system will be a good thing to know.

Is Your DIY Alarm System Easier To Install Than “X” Alarm Company?

Comparing the DIY installations of one company to another can help you determine which DIY alarm system is right for you. One DIY alarm company’s method of installation and activation could differ from another. The equipment could also be a little different. If the consultant on the other end is knowledgeable about the alarm industry (which he or she should be) then they will have some facts for comparison and will be able to tell you the differences between their installation method from another DIY alarm company.

Why Are You The Best Do It Yourself Alarm Company?

Ah, the greatest question in the book. This is probably our favorite question to ask DIY alarm companies here at Alarm System Report. This could be the question that either seals the deal for you or makes you cringe. The best do it yourself alarm companies will have solid answers as to why their system and company is better than another. Of course, we feature a few of the best DIY alarm system companies here at Alarm System Report so you should get some great answers when you are calling around.

A few things that may be said are how easy the DIY installation is or how much better the pricing might be. One thing that can really set one DIY alarm company apart from another is customer service. When you are doing the installation and maintenance yourself it’s good to have a company that stands behind its products and has its customer’s back. If the alarm salesman or consultant points you in the direction or DIY alarm company reviews (which you would have already read right ) or shows you BBB ratings compared to another company then that salesmen really knows why his company is best. Finally, if the consultant or salesperson is enthusiastic about the system and stands behind it themselves then you know you’ve got best do it yourself alarm system company at your fingertips.


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