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When it comes to the top alarm systems, there are only a few that should even be considered. We’ve gone through most of the alarm system industry and these are the only systems we can honestly recommend. We would highly recommend narrowing your search to one of our top alarm systems, unless you’re in the market for an extremely high end solution. Most of us are looking for something to get the job done and with as little hassle as possible. Each of our top alarm systems has it’s pros and cons, but one of these solutions will definitely suit your home protection needs.

Here’s is our list of the top alarm systems for your home:

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What are the Top Alarm Companies?

This is a tough question to give a simple answer to. Alarm System Report uses stringent criteria to review the top alarm companies and only features those that are considered cream of the crop. These include alarm companies with some of the latest and greatest technology on the market today. Alarm System Report gauges a company’s offerings, pricing, customer service and a mountain of other criteria to put together non-biased alarm system reviews for the top alarm companies.

We’ve narrowed our list down to only a few alarm companies. When researching an alarm system and the company providing service you want to make sure you’re picking the right one for your home and family, your business or your vacation home.


Who is the Top Alarm Company?

The question of the top alarm company can be answered by checking our reviews!

But we can certainly tell you what to look for when finding YOUR top alarm company. The first thing you want to make sure of is that the company can actually service your area! Many alarm companies are now offering Do It Yourself solutions and are located out of your area – but most are licensed to operate in all states. But you’ll still want to make sure the alarm company offers service where you live.

Some of the other things to look for in a top alarm system are price, technology and of course customer service . The most important of these of course is customer service. During our research we found that to get a good to great alarm system you’re going to pay about the same – and if you don’t you usually sacrifice customer service. Remember that it’s ok to spend money on an alarm system. Some of the top alarm companies in the industry offer systems that SHOULD cost you something. Many alarm companies also offer the same hardware as another with very similar monthly service plans. The best way to determine which company is worth it is to look at their customer service record. One usually wins over the other.


Do I Need to Go With The Top Alarm System?

If you’ve found yourself researching alarm companies and products all over the web for days on end then you may have convinced yourself you don’t need a top alarm company. There are a number of non-monitored solutions on the market today. One can go on many different website to find alarm systems offered by these same companies without monthly monitoring – or with very “cheap” monthly monitoring.

Alarm System Report certainly recommends monitored alarm systems. The top alarm companies on our list offer some of the best home monitoring solutions in the business. Why would you risk going with a system that may not work when you need it – or doesn’t have the reputation these companies have. Not to mention you can purchase the equipment at a discount by going with a top alarm company. In the end it’s best to leave the safety of your home & family or business to the experts.


What Are The Top Alarm Systems?

Finding the top alarm system doesn’t have to be a chore. The expert at Alarm System Report have created extensive top alarm system reviews just for you. We conducted research on dozens of alarm companies to come up with our list of the top alarm systems and top alarm companies. After our research we came up with a list of about ten alarm companies we believed to some of the best. Even more, we focus on the top five companies from this list as our top alarm system companies. Those companies include:

  • FrontPoint Security
  • LifeShield
  • Protect America
  • ADT
  • Vivint

All of the alarm companies listed above are considered one of the top alarm companies by Alarm System Report. We used criteria such as equipment quality, pricing, and customer service among many other factors to rank the companies.


Comparing The Top Alarm Companies

The whole idea of shopping around is so you can compare pricing and other aspects from one company to another. There are countless methods to comparing products out there today but we believe reading a full scale review of a company or product is the best way to compare. Reading our alarm system reviews can help you compare alarm companies and systems very easily.

One thing you can do is keep a small checklist of things while you are going through the reviews. Perhaps you have some pre-determined criteria of your own that you’re looking for in a home alarm system. You can use the alarm system reviews to learn more about each company and find out if they are offering what you are looking for. Most of the top alarm companies offer the latest technology, superior monitoring and exceptional alarm system pricing. However, there may be other aspects like home automation or online access that you are looking for. These are the types of things to keep an eye out for when you are reading through the alarm system reviews.

Finally, once you have learned all you can from the reviews it’s time to contact the alarm companies you are interested in. This will allow you to ask any final questions or to get a firm price quote. Alarm System Report recommends contacting at least a couple alarm companies to get quotes and compare pricing and features. Plus, you might find that one alarm company is giving a great alarm system discount.


Features Of The Top Alarm Systems

When we were conducting our alarm system reviews trying to find the top alarm system companies we determined several criteria that set the best alarm companies apart from others. Here are some of the features you should keep an eye out for from the top alarm companies:

Wireless Alarm System Devices

Wireless alarm systems are some of the best alarm systems on the market today. Not to mention they are much easier to install and take a lot less maintenance. Many of the wireless systems out there today have a simple do it yourself alarm installation. This means you can install your system in under an hour and have everything up in running in no time.

Online & Remote Access

All of the top alarm companies are now offering some form of online or remote access. Some offer different features or a different interface than others. The best companies offer easy to use interfaces for your smartphone and online. Many companies are also using online access powered by, a company which does not sell alarm systems but creates new technology for alarm companies to take advantage of and offer to their customers – for instance online access. With online alarm access you can arm or disarm your system from anywhere, receive instant alerts about system activity, view live streaming or recorded video, and even manage your home automation devices.

Home Automation Features

Home automation is taking the home alarm world by storm. Formerly home automation was very expensive and difficult to install. These days, with the invention of wireless home automation devices such as light control modules, thermostats and door locks it’s very simple to add home automation to your house and integrate it with your home alarm system. You can also control your devices remotely by logging in online or by using your smartphone application.

A Money Back Guarantee

Now that most alarm systems are wireless it’s much easier to not only install the system, but uninstall it as well. You can do all the research in the world but in the end it comes down to trying out the alarm system to see if it will fit your needs. Many of the top alarm system companies offer some sort of money back guarantee. You can try out your system for 30 Days and if you are not satisfied can simply return it for a refund. You don’t want to be stuck with a system that you don’t like, so having the option to return for a refund and essentially “start over” is a nice failsafe for consumers.


Questions To Ask The Top Alarm Companies

It’s important to ask the right questions when calling a top alarm company. Here are some of the common questions to ask top alarm companies:

How Much Does Your Alarm System Cost?

As we’ve said many times before the cost of a top alarm system is a very important factor in choosing the right alarm system for you. When you first start looking into alarm systems you’ll probably have some sort of budget in mind. Even if you don’t you should get a good idea of alarm system pricing by reading our alarm system reviews. However, to get an exact quote and get firm pricing it’s best to call the alarm company and walk through getting a quote.

Once you have gotten a quote from a top alarm company you can use it to compare pricing to other top alarm companies you have researched. You can weigh the pros and cons for each and decide on a company and system.

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?

There are times when you purchase something knowing it will be great. However, it doesn’t always turn out that way. While it’s rare that the top alarm systems on our list will disappoint you even if they do it’s good to know you have some options. Some of the top alarm companies now offer some sort of money back guarantee or trial period – this is especially true for companies offering wireless or do it yourself alarm systems. Ask the company what their policy is on returning the system and if there are any charges that my be incurred if you have to return.

Why Are You A Top Alarm Company?

It’s always good to ask direct questions about why one alarm company is better than another. A salesman or consultant can talk all day about system features and other things that look and sound great, however, that may not set them apart from other alarm companies. It’s good to put the company on the spot a little bit to have them really tell you why they are the best alarm company for you and your family. A few things to keep your ears open for here are reasons like customer service or extended warranties, or even customer satisfaction ratings or reviews.

Why Is Your Alarm System The Best Alarm System?

Much like asking why a company is the top alarm company it’s good to ask why their alarm system is the best alarm system. Even if you think you already know there could be a few features or benefits that you didn’t know about before. Our alarm system reviews should give you a solid idea about each alarm system, but again it’s always good to hear it from the “horse’s mouth” as they say.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Your Alarm System?

When it comes down to it, features are features, and many alarm companies offer the same features with their alarm systems. However, just because the features are similar doesn’t mean the benefits are the same. A great alarm company will sell you on the benefits of their alarm system as opposed to the cool features and technology. While this is still important, the more important factor here is making your life easier and safer. That’s a benefit, not a feature.


Benefits Of Choosing A Top Alarm System Company

Like we said before the top alarm systems have many awesome features, however, they also have a number of great benefits as well. If you choose a lesser known company or one that isn’t included in our list of top alarm systems you could be setting yourself up for more headaches than smiles. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing a top alarm company

Exceptional Customer Service

This one is probably the most important. The top alarm companies are the top companies because they make their customer’s happy and do what they say they will do. If only we could find a cable company that did the same! These companies did not get where they are today by handling their customers the wrong way. Going with a top alarm company will ensure that you receive impeccable customer service.

Home Insurance Discounts

Some of the top alarm companies offer some of the best alarm monitoring out there today. Many insurance companies have taken notice and may reward you with a discount on your homeowners insurance by choosing a top company or alarm system. While the discount may not be contingent on buying from a certain company, the best alarm companies will be recognized by the insurance company and they’ll be much more likely to trust that you have a great system installed that will protect your home and valuables.

Easy Alarm Installation & Maintanence

The top alarm companies use the best alarm systems, and that means things should be simple. The top alarm systems are simple to install and even easier to maintain. There are enough things in life to deal with already, you don’t want to have to constantly mess with you alarm system or be calling the company for help. In fact, if you never talk to the alarm company other than to pay a bill or buy a new sensor you’re in great shape! In reality though you’ll likely deal with the alarm company on a few occasions, dealing with the top alarm companies if much easier as they have many customer experiences to learn from.

Latest Alarm System Technology

The top alarm companies are going to be on top of their game when it comes to new providing the newest technology to its customers. This may include new wireless alarm sensors or home automation devices. Whatever it may be the top companies will always have the latest and greatest things. In the alarm industry the newer the better as alarm systems are constantly getting upgraded and improved to make you home safer and keep you in the know.


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