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Best Home Alarm Systems

There are a lot of home alarm system solutions for you to choose from. Most alarm systems don’t make the cut, but we’ve done your research for you. Check out our review of the best home alarm systems.

Best Home Alarm Companies

Home alarm system companies make a lot of promises, but the truth is that there are only a few alarm system companies that you should consider. Check out our review of the best home alarm system companies.


Help Choosing an Alarm System

Alarm System Report offers more than just our alarm system reviews… We also have a series of great blog posts and news that can help you make the right decision. When it comes to buying a home alarm system, you’ll want to really understand what the industry offers. The home alarm system industry has really come a long way in the past few years with advances in technology. Here are some great examples of blog posts we wrote to help you choose the right solution for your home security needs.

In addition to our alarm system review of each company, we have tons of content related to finding the best alarm systems. Check out our alarm system news or alarm system blog to learn more.


How Alarm System Reviews Can Help You Choose The Best Alarm System

Alarm system reviews are a great way to learn about alarm system companies, alarm systems, and all the things that go with them. Perhaps the best thing about alarm system reviews is they can help narrow down your search and take less time looking around. Alarm System Report prides itself on providing some of the best alarm system reviews found on the web. We go in depth with each of the top five alarm companies we feature. There are several sections to our alarm system reviews that provide you with the information you need when you need it.

We start off each alarm system review with a company overview. This allows you to get to know the alarm system company, see how long they have been in business, and learn some general facts about them. We then go on to talk about up-front equipment costs as well as monthly plans and fees. Alarm system pricing for each company can be found in each review.

After an overview and alarm system costs we talk about the alarm system installation as well as the alarm system company’s customer service. Finally we end each alarm system review with a summary of the company and system and their high points.

Once you have read the alarm system review you can immediately contact each alarm system company for a quote directly from Alarm System Report. You can call the number listed for each company on their review, or fill out our brief questionnaire to have the company call you at your convenience.

We leave nothing hidden and strive to give the most recent and best possible information so you don’t have to search around. After reading our alarm system reviews you should have a good working knowledge of each company and system, which should allow you to narrow down your search to one or two companies. If you still have a few questions you the salesman or consultant should be able to answer any remaining questions you have.


What Information Can You Find On Alarm System Report?

Alarm System Report was created to help consumers looking for a home alarm system. Along with our own experienced knowledge of alarm systems we hired multiple alarm system experts to conduct thorough research on a number of the alarm system companies. After completing their research the team at Alarm System Report complied alarm system reviews based on the expert findings. We rank the top alarm systems and alarm system companies (which often go hand in hand) so you don’t have to go searching for reviews on the best companies.

On top of our alarm system reviews we have a ton information on our blog and around our site pertaining to wireless alarm systems, cellular alarm systems, do it yourself alarm systems and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Alarm System Report is your best source for alarm system reviews, alarm system news and tips on finding the right home alarm system for you.


How Thorough Are AlarmSystemReport’s Alarm System Reviews?

After consulting with a number or alarm system experts we compiled our reviews based on their recommendations. We picked out the things we believe people want to know most about alarm systems and alarm system companies. Our alarm system reviews cover a company overview, alarm system installation, alarm system pricing and of course customer service. We also review the alarm system equipment offered by each company and provide accurate pricing details for up-front equipment cost as well as monthly monitoring plans.

Ultimately you should everything you need to know right here at Alarm System Report. If you have further questions after reading our alarm system reviews we suggest you contact the alarm system company at the number provided or request a quote from the company so they can give you a call at your convenience.


How Are Your Alarm System Reviews Conducted?

Alarm System Report conducted its alarm system reviews to help consumers learn more about alarm systems and alarm system companies before making a purchase. We worked with a team of alarm industry experts who evaluated each alarm system and company and scored each based on a number of factors such as equipment quality, customer service and pricing among others. After collecting the information we formed our alarm system reviews based on these findings. We also scavenged for information around the internet and other outlets to find Better Business Bureau ratings and customer feedback. We ranked each alarm system company according to our criteria to come up with our rankings and alarm system reviews.


Who Are The Experts Conducting Your Alarm System Reviews?

The alarm industry experts we worked with to conduct our alarm system reviews consisted of alarm industry executives, former industry professionals, consultants and technicians as well as current customer feedback. We strive to have the most in depth, expert alarm system reviews. This allows our feedback to remain unbiased. We conduct a full audit of our alarm system reviews at the end or beginning of each calendar year and may change them throughout the year should one alarm company or system become more highly recommended than another.


Why AlarmSystemReport’s Alarm System Reviews Are The Best

As we’ve said before we at Alarm System Report strive to give consumers the best possible information when it comes to purchasing home alarm systems. Online reviews have been proven to help consumers make smart decisions and to get feedback from others before making a purchase.

Our alarm system reviews are no different and we have helped thousands of people in their search for a home alarm system. Our alarm system reviews cover every aspect of the alarm system company and alarm system itself. This includes but is not limited to alarm system pricing, alarm system equipment, customer service and installation.

Not only are our alarm system reviews extremely thorough but each review was conducted by a number of alarm system experts with deep ties to the alarm system industry and vast knowledge of alarm systems. Coupled with the experience at Alarm System Report we bring you the best alarm system reviews on the web.

There are very few review outlets around the web that are conducted by experts and don’t have bias. Alarm System Report prides itself on providing the best possible, non-biased information about home alarm systems out there today. Not only do our alarm system reviews have tons of great information about each alarm system company but our alarm system blog is a great educational tool to learn more about alarm systems in general. Be sure to read our alarm system blog and alarm system reviews before you start making calls. You can learn a lot and it may end up answering a lot of your questions, making your job much easier and getting your home protected much faster.


Steps To Choosing An Alarm System

Choosing an alarm system shouldn’t be a difficult or time consuming task. Sure, you want to research the right alarm system companies and you want to make sure you are getting a quality product and quality customer service. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you choose the perfect alarm system for your home.

Decide Why You Need An Alarm System

There could be any number of reasons why you are considering a home alarm system. Perhaps you had a recent break in or want to automate your home to make your life easier. Whatever the reason is you want to make sure you stick with it. This will make your search much easier. There is a lot of cool technology out there when it comes to alarm systems so don’t get caught up with devices you may not need, at least not right away. Keep in mind you can always add things later, especially the “cool” stuff.

Read Alarm System Reviews

This one is pretty much a no brainer, and if you’re reading this right now then you are probably looking for alarm system reviews. The experts at Alarm System Report have put together some of the best alarm system reviews around – all for you! Our alarm system reviews cover all aspects of each alarm system company, alarm system and alarm system pricing among some of the lesser known aspect of each company like their alarm system equipment warranties and contract lengths. Alarm system reviews are essential to helping you make a good decision because you can learn a good bit about each company and system before you start calling around. This will help you come with important questions instead going over all the “basics” which you can easily learn by reading an alarm system review.

Look For Alarm System Discounts And Coupons

Once you have read alarm system reviews and have narrowed your search down to a couple alarm system companies it’s time to look around for some alarm system discounts. Alarm System Report is a great place to look for alarm system discounts and coupons that you can leverage to get an even better deal when calling around. One word of caution, however, is if you find a great alarm system discount you keep it in your back pocket when you call alarm system companies. Many times the best discounts are not advertised, and if the first thing you mention on the call is a coupon you found, the salesman may not offer a better deal knowing you already have a smaller coupon in hand. Coupons and negotiation on alarm system pricing should wait till the end of the call after you have gone over some pricing.

Call At Least Two Alarm System Companies

Unless you have your heart set on a particular alarm system company after reading alarm system reviews we suggest calling at least two companies. But, what if you already know you want a certain company? That’s totally ok. If you’re set on one company and sure that is the best choice for you who are we to tell you otherwise. However, if you’re teetering in the least you should contact another alarm system company for a quote and to learn more about their system. The reason is you can use a quote you received from one alarm system company to get a better deal with another. Sure, seems a little childish, but it works. Not only can you get a better deal, but you may learn a few things you didn’t know that may lean you in one direction or another.

Make A Decision

This may be the hardest step of all. However, if you do your research, know what you want, and call a couple of alarm system companies you should have a pretty solid idea of what you’ll want and need. If you’re still unsure after your research it might be beneficial to reevaluate why you are looking for an alarm system and what you’re going to be mainly using it for. Ultimately, once you’ve read some alarm system reviews and called a few companies you should have your mind made up. Especially if you read Alarm System Report’s alarm system reviews!


What Is The Best Alarm System?

The simple answer to that question is there is not one thing that makes the best alarm system. There are a number of factors that go in to the best alarm system. And what is best for one person may not be what is best for another, however, we can get pretty close to a one size fits all alarm system by looking at a few aspects. Those aspects include ease of installation, ease of use, reliability and longevity.

First, is the alarm system easy to install? Many of the newer wireless alarm systems are also designed to be do it yourself alarm systems. This means you would install the alarm system yourself without the help of a technician. This might seem scary to some, but it is in fact quite easy. Do it yourself alarm systems usually come pre-programmed and ready to set up out of the box. This means all you need to do is plug in your Control Panel, peel and place your sensors and call the alarm system company to get your system activated. Doesn’t get easier than that. So, the first thing to think about when finding the best alarm system is the ease of installation.

Next is ease of use. One of the things people dislike most about purchasing new technology is not knowing how to use it. Luckily, as technology has gotten more complex behind the scenes it has become much easier to use day to day. This is especially true with the addition of interactive/remote alarm system monitoring. Meaning you can access and control your alarm system from anywhere using your mobile phone or logging in online. If you leave the house and forget to arm your alarm system you can just pop open the app on your phone and arm it. If you have wireless cameras installed you can view them streaming live on your mobile phone and even be alerted if there is activity in front of the camera. With these newer alarm systems all you need to do is put the pieces in place and the rest takes care of itself.

Of course, we all want new things we purchase to last a long time and be reliable throughout their lifetime. Newer wireless alarm systems are extremely reliable and will last a good while. Reliability comes in to play with the addition of cellular alarm monitoring. A cellular alarm system and a wireless alarm system are essentially the same thing, except for one major differentiator. Not ALL wireless alarm systems are cellular alarm systems, only ones that have a built in cellular module. Most alarm system companies are now offering some form of cellular alarm monitoring. Cellular monitoring is, by far, the most reliable method of monitoring your home alarm system.

Finally, you want an alarm system that is going to last a while without having to replace every sensor or the entire system. The best alarm systems should last many years, well beyond your initial alarm system contract. It’s tough to know when you first purchase something how long it will last, but purchasing an alarm system from a company who partners with a reliable manufacturer is a good way of knowing.

Finding the best alarm system doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to know what to look for.


Top Reasons To Purchase A Home Alarm System

There could be any number of reasons why you would want to purchase a home alarm system. We’ll go over a few of the common reasons for purchasing an alarm system:

Increased Crime In The Area

Has there been a rash of burglaries in or around your neighborhood? Perhaps other crimes? One in three homes is burglarized each year and those without a home alarm system installed are that much more at risk. Increased crime is a major reason why people purchase an alarm system

Peace Of Mind

If you leave the house and often feel like you’re going to come home to your flat screen TV missing and all your valuables gone you are not alone. And let’s not even talk about vacation! Peace of mind is another major reason to purchase a home alarm system. Knowing that your home is protected while you are gone, or even while you are home, can be a great stress reliever.

Keep An Eye On Things

Even if you’re not worried about a burglary or have never had one sometimes you just want to keep an eye on things. Whether it’s with wireless cameras or interactive monitoring having an alarm system can allow you keep tabs on what’s going on in and around your home, perhaps if you have pets or a small child.


Choosing The Right Alarm System Monitoring Plan

Figuring out what alarm system equipment you need is pretty simple. Counting up doors, windows and determining how motion sensors you need does not require advanced training. However, choosing the right alarm system monitoring plan can be a little tougher. Not because the plans are expensive or poor, but mainly because there are so many good options out there.

First and foremost you want to make sure you are choosing cellular alarm system monitoring. This is very important as it is the most reliable method of monitoring a home alarm system. Next, you want to look at important features like web/remote access and any possible home automation features. Most monitoring plans these days include some of sort of online or mobile access to your alarm system. Some of this access may be limited, however, so make sure you are getting the full story on what the plan offers and what you can do with your online features. Many alarm system companies offer the full functionality with your web/mobile access so this will not be a concern. You just don’t want to pay more for a service and get less in return than another company offers. Reading alarm system reviews can help you see the differences in monitoring plans and offerings as well as the alarm monitoring pricing.

What if I choose the wrong plan, or the company changes plans? Don’t worry. Many alarm system companies offer a number of plans and often add new features to the plans of change them around later. Most companies will allow you to change your monitoring plan while you are a customer. This is usually only the case when upgrading from a less robust plan, however. Regardless, if you do a little research and compare plans in advance you will have a good idea of what you are getting and won’t have to worry about choosing the wrong plan or paying too much.


Alarm System Buying Do’s and Don’ts

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a home alarm system. By keeping a few simple things in mind you can not only make your purchasing experience better but can also make your alarm system last a long time.

DO Your Research

If you are researching home alarm systems then you have come to the right place. If you simply stumbled upon us well you’ve found the right article. Doing your research prior to purchasing a home alarm system is very important. These days there are too many resources at your disposal to skip the due diligence phase. Alarm System Report has full, thorough alarm system reviews that you can use to learn more about each alarm system company and to help you narrow down your list of companies. Doing at least a little bit of research now can help you make the right decision in the long run.

DON’T Forget To Ask About Alarm System Discounts

When you have completed your research and you’re set on a certain alarm system company you should always ask for a discount on your alarm system. Even if the salesperson has already offered you a discount or coupon you should always ask for more. In the end it doesn’t hurt, and the worst they will say is “No, sorry”.

DO Ask Questions

If there is something you do not understand about the alarm system you are looking in to it is always best to ask. Even if you think you know the answer but aren’t 100% sure you should always ask. Most people don’t know much about home alarm systems, but the alarm system company salesperson is there to help you learn. Along with alarm system reviews and blog postings asking a few questions can really help you get a grasp of how the alarm system works and anything else that may come up.

DON’T Think You’re Stuck With What You Get

Prior to the last decade or so when you had an alarm system installed in your home you were pretty much stuck with what you got, unless of course you want to go through the hassle of uninstalling your system and paying a cancellation fee. Nowadays, many alarm system companies offer a Risk Free Trial Period or some sort of money back guarantee. If you do your research and ask questions as mentioned above the odds you won’t like your system fall dramatically. However, in the rare chance you didn’t do your research or are unhappy with the alarm system or customer service you can return your system for a full refund. Companies such as FrontPoint Security offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.


Choosing The Best Home Alarm System For You

Not all alarm systems are created equal, and no one alarm system will fit every homeowner’s needs. This makes choosing the best home alarm system that much more difficult. Not to worry, however, as there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re choosing the best alarm system for you.

First, take a count of how many doors you have in your home, do the same with first floor windows. This will give you an idea of how many entrances your home has. Next, take a look at the “open” spaces in your home. This may include the den, living room, dining room, play room or any space that is considered “high traffic” such as hallways and stairways. These areas are perfect for motion sensors or glass break sensors.

Next, think of your daily routine and lifestyle and how it might be affected by installing a home alarm system. Think about any large pets that you have that may deter you from using motion sensors, or any small children you have that may get up in the middle of the night. Which door do you usually leave or enter through? This is probably the best door to install a keypad or the Control Panel.

Finally, think about your budget. Obviously an alarm system is going to cost money in some way. Think about what you can afford up front and monthly. This will give you a basis for comparison when looking at alarm system pricing. It may also help you from spending more than you wanted. For instance, if you want home automation equipment and cameras but it doesn’t fit in to your predetermined budget then you probably should hold off right away. Remember, you can always add alarm sensors later, especially if you have a wireless alarm system. So, figure out the bare minimum you need to protect your home, then start adding all the fun stuff!

Choosing the best alarm system for you doesn’t have to be tough. A lot of it is purely common sense. It’s just that many folks don’t think to, well..think before they make a purchase.


Ranking The Top Alarm Systems

How exactly do your rate alarm system or alarm system company? There are several things to take in to account when ranking the top alarm systems. Many have asked us about our thought process and what questions we asked ourselves when ranking the top alarm systems. Some questions we at Alarm System Report asked ourselves when preparing our alarm system rankings are:

How Is Alarm Company Customer Service?

Customer service from an alarm system company is a really big deal. Many companies offer the same types of home alarm systems so the differentiator really comes down to the company itself. We used alarm company customer service heavily in our top alarm system rankings.

How Reliable Is The Alarm System Equipment?

As a homeowner you don’t want to have to switch out your alarm system every few years. Sure, maybe you will switch alarm system companies, but you should be able to keep the system. Keeping the system, however, is contingent upon that alarm system lasting a long time. If a company uses an alarm system from a reliable manufacturer and has a history of good products that is another major aspect of our alarm system reviews and top alarm system rankings.

What Do Current Customers Think?

Getting current customer feedback about an alarm system or alarm system company is another great way to sample a large number of people about the same experiences. If customers raved about the alarm system and company they received more points in our rankings, if customers didn’t give the company such great marks we put them lower in our top alarm system rankings.


Home Alarm Systems and Home Insurance Discounts

One thing that many folks don’t know is that you can receive a discount on your homeowners insurance for installing a home alarm system. Not all insurance companies will provide a discount but we have yet to find one that doesn’t. This should not be the only reason you purchase a home alarm system, but it certainly adds to the benefits. Usually the only requirement is that your alarm system is monitored, which all of the alarm system companies on our list provide. If you’re lucky enough you may even get enough of a discount to offset the cost of your monthly alarm monitoring. While this may not be the case the discount should help you supplement the monthly costs regardless


Most Common Alarm System Questions

Below are some of the most common alarm system questions asked by consumers looking to purchase a new home alarm system.

How Much Does An Alarm System Cost?

The cost of an alarm system depends on several factors. The up-front alarm system equipment cost is usually based on how long you sign your monitoring contract for or if there are any special deals. The size of alarm system you purchase will also have an effect on the price. The more alarm sensors and equipment you need the more you will pay.

What Is The Average Monthly Fee For Alarm System Monitoring?

The monthly alarm monitoring fee is another charge than can differ based on certain factors. First, there are three different types of alarm system monitoring – Phone Line, Broadband, and Cellular alarm monitoring. Phone line monitoring is generally the cheapest, but is also less reliable than other methods. Cellular alarm system monitoring is usually the highest price, but is also the most reliable. Broadband falls in the middle and its reliability is about average as well.

The average price for phone line monitoring is about $25 a month. For broadband monitoring it is about $35 a month and for cellular monitoring you are looking at about $30-$55+ a month depending on features that are included such as home automation or video service. Plain cellular monitoring with online capabilities should run about $35-$40.

How Do I Determine The Best Alarm Company?

The experts at Alarm System Report have put together thorough alarm system reviews of each alarm system company. Here you can find information on alarm system equipment, alarm system pricing, discounts and customer service among other things. Ultimately the decision is yours to determine the best alarm company or system for your home. But our alarm system reviews can certainly guide you and help you on your way.

Can I Get A Discount On Insurance By Purchasing An Alarm System?

In most cases the answer is yes. Purchasing a home alarm system can help get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium. This is not guaranteed with every insurance company, but from our research we’ve found that almost all home insurance companies will give you a discount for installing a monitored home alarm system.

Do I Need Anything Before Purchasing A Home Alarm System?

The short answer is no. This is especially true if you’re going to install a wireless alarm system or cellular alarm system (or both). If you are installing a phone line or broadband based alarm system then of course you will need to have an active phone line or internet connection. Aside from these things there are no “prerequisites” to installing an alarm system in your home.


Home Alarm System Statistics You Should Know

Below are some of the common statistics about alarm systems and home burglaries.

  • Over 2 Million homes are burglarized each year.
  • One in three burglaries occurs through an open/unlocked door or window
  • Two thirds of burglaries in the United States occur at a residence.
  • There is a home burglary, on average, every 13 seconds.
  • Homes without an alarm system are 3x more likely to be burglarized.
  • Less than 20% of homes in the United States have an alarm system installed.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day when no one is home.
  • Installing a home alarm system can greatly reduce your chances of a burglary.
  • According to the FBI, a break-in is the most common threat to a residence.
  • These are just a few of the major home alarm system statistics floating around out there. They definitely put things in perspective and show how much you have to gain by installing a home alarm system.


    Adding Home Automation To Your Home Alarm System

    These days a home alarm system and home automation often go hand in hand. With the advancement in wireless alarm system technology and wireless home automation the two have been integrated like never before. Adding home automation to your alarm system is a snap if you already have a wireless alarm system or are looking to purchase one. You can purchase devices like light switches or modules, automatics door locks, and thermostats.

    All of these devices can be integrated and communicate with your alarm system. You can use your smartphone or log in online, or even use your alarm system’s keypad to turn on and off lights, lock and unlock doors or even manage the temperature inside your home. Home automation is not only making people’s lives easier it is also saving them a ton of money on their energy bills by being able to manage temperature and other home appliances from anywhere.