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Alarm System Mobile Apps FAQ

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Alarm system mobile apps have taken the home alarm system world by storm. Alarm system mobile apps give you, the homeowner, the ability to control your home alarm system and other appliances from the palm of your hand. No longer worry about leaving your home and forgetting to arm your alarm system or turn off the lights. Alarm system mobile apps give you all the control you need from anywhere. Seeing as alarm system mobile apps are new to the alarm industry, there are still a lot of questions from potential customers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about home alarm system mobile apps.

On What Devices Can I Use Alarm System Mobile Apps?

Most home alarm companies offer a mobile app for all major handheld devices. As for smartphones, alarm system mobile apps are available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. There are also mobile apps for the iPad and any Android tablet device. You can download the app by visiting the App Store or the Android Market. The app itself is free, but you will need an account with a home alarm company in order to use the app successfully.

Do Alarm System Mobile Apps Cost Extra?

No. Alarm system mobile apps are free to download from the App Store or Android Market. Home alarm companies do not charge extra for the alarm system mobile apps and there should be no extra charge from your cell phone company if you have a data plan (check with your cellular provider to ask about data limitations of your plan).

What Can I Control With Home Alarm System Mobile Apps?

Alarm system mobile apps are very intuitive and allow you to control multiple devices on your home alarm system. Alarm system mobile apps allow you to arm & disarm your entire alarm system. You can also control any home automation system devices that you have in your home such as light modules, smart thermostats, or automatic door locks. Video monitoring can also be done via the mobile app as you can watch live streaming and recorded video on your mobile app. Finally, you can scan through past events and even receive instant alerts about alarm system activity via your mobile app. Another cool feature is the ability to set “Geo-Services” for your phone and app. By using Geo-Services you can do things like set an alert to pop up when you leave your home that reminds you to arm your alarm system.

What Alarm Companies Are Offering Mobile Apps?

Most of the top alarm companies are now offering online/remote access and a mobile app. Some of those companies include FrontPoint Security, Protect America, ADT, Vivint, and LifeShield. You can learn more about each company and their mobile app offerings by reading our full alarm system reviews.


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