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Do It Yourself or Professional Alarm System Installations?

Several years ago this question would have raised several eyebrows. “Install an alarm system myself? No way.” Is what many would have said. These days there are many customers searching for alarm companies that provide Do It Yourself installation as opposed to professional installation. Why is that you ask? Let’s find out:

Alarm systems have a perception of being difficult to install. One must need month or even years of training to be able to successfully install an alarm system. While this may have been true twenty, or even ten years ago many more alarm companies are setting up business models that offer Do It Yourself installation. What these companies found out was that you did not need special training to install an alarm – you don’t even need special training to determine what you need for your home.

No one knows your home better than, well, YOU. You know that the back left part of your home has no lights at night, or that there are always kids hanging out near your front porch. A thirty minute visit from an alarm salesman doesn’t allow him to get the real story. You come in and out of your home every day, you are fully aware of the ways someone can break in to your home. And if you’re not – it’s easy to figure out!

How many doors do you have? Easy one. How many windows do I have? Easy one. You’re more than half way there already! You see? It’s really not that difficult. A little common sense and some critical thinking about ways to enter your home and you’ll know what you need in no time. You don’ t need some guy, who may or may not know much about the alarm anways, telling you what you need. The best companies work WITH you to determine the best set up for your home rather than telling you. The problem with someone TELLING you what you need is that you may not need everything at all. Some companies pay salesmen on equipment sales – mainly door to door companies. That extra glass break sensor you were told you needed, or that fifth motion sensor for the tiny one window playroom aren’t necessities – and you never thought so anyways. In our mind, you should have just as much of a say in what your home security system consists of than the person selling it to you.

Another benefit to Do It Yourself over technician installations is that you don’t have to wait around for technician to come to your home to install. We’ve all had that day we waited for the cable guy who shows up for the 10 minutes box replacement after sitting around for four to six hours. What a waste of time. We are busy people! We have families and soccer practice and weddings and fun to take part in. We don’t have time to wait around! Do It Yourself alarm systems allow you the flexibility to install the system on your own time, and do it very quickly. Most alarm companies offering DIY installation state that their systems can be installed in 30 minutes or less – and this is generally true. Want another benefit of DIY? This means that the system is wireless as well. So you’re getting the best of both worlds. This is a far cry from the traditional home alarm installation.

While DIY is a great option for many, it is understood that not everyone feels comfortable with such a task or even wants it. Getting something installed for you is always nice – you don’t have to do any work. However, never – ever – pay for a technician to come install your system on top of purchasing equipment. Companies who charge for equipment should provide installation for free. If an equipment fee is not charged it’s ok to pay for an alarm installation – but not more than $100.


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