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Explaining The Common Alarm System Sensors

Every home alarm system is made up of a Control Panel and a series of alarm sensors placed around the home. The Control Panel acts as the “hub” while the sensors detect movement or entry around the home. When the system is armed and a sensor is triggered a signal is sent to the Control Panel that sounds the alarm. Today we’ll take a look at some of the common alarm system sensors and what their main purpose is.

Door/Window Sensors

The door/windows sensors are the most commonly used sensor around the home. These sensors, per their name, go on doors and windows. They detect when a door or window is open or closed. For instance, if the alarm system is armed and a door is opened the alarm will sound. These sensors are normally two-piece sensors, meaning one piece of the sensor goes on the door/window while the other piece is placed on the door/window frame.

Motion Sensor

Another common alarm system sensor is the motion sensor. Again, this device is aptly named as it detects motion around the home. Most home alarm system motion sensors cover an area of about 1,000 sq ft, give or take. The beam comes out from the motion sensor in a cone, much like the shape of a baseball diamond if you were looking at it from above. A motion sensor will trigger the alarm if a person or large animal walks in front of it. Some alarm companies do offer “pet-friendly” motion sensors for pets under 30lbs. Door/window sensors and motion sensors can be used in conjunction, and motion sensors are a great way to save money on your alarm system by not having to purchase a ton of window sensors.

Glass Break Sensor

Again, another sensor very aptly named. Those alarm guys are smart aren’t they? The glass break sensors detects the sound frequency of broken glass. The sensor can usually detect broken glass from about 20ft away in any direction. Glass break sensors go on the wall and are great for rooms with large windows that may not be ideal for window sensors, or if you plan on arming your alarm system when you are home.

Image Sensor

An image sensor is very similar to a motion sensor and works on the same principal. However, an image sensor has a built in camera that snaps an image of the object that has moved in front of the motion activated sensor. Many home alarm companies are beginning to offer these devices and many already do. They’re great for catching your little brother sneaking into your room to play your Xbox!

These are some of the common alarm system sensors being used today by the top alarm companies and best alarm systems. When looking to purchase a new home alarm system these sensors will almost always be included and you should keep them in mind when building a custom alarm system.


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