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Getting To Know The Best Alarm Companies: LifeShield

Getting To Know The Best Alarm Companies is a series of posts by Alarm System Report to help you get acquainted with some of the best alarm companies. Alarm System Report focuses on providing the absolute best alarm system reviews available online as well as the largest repository of alarm system information. Today’s featured alarm company is LifeShield Security.

LifeShield Security Company Logo

LifeShield Introduction

LifeShield has been in business since 2004 and was originally known as InGrid. The company offers wireless alarm systems to homeowners, renters, and business owners in all fifty states. LifeShield was recently bought by DirecTV and operates out of its main headquarters in Langhorne, PA.

LifeShield Alarm Systems

Founder Louis Stilp set out to create a wireless alternative to the intrusive hard wired alarm systems of the past. With a background wireless location technology Stilp invented the “In Grid” system of communication for his wireless alarm systems. In total Stilp has filed over 20 patents for his original wireless alarm system design.

Since that time in 2004 the wireless alarm system from LifeShield has come a long way by adding video surveillance, cellular/GSM capabilities, and a new mobile app. LifeShield provides do it yourself wireless alarm systems to customers in all 50 states and has some of the lowest up-front equipment prices of any alarm company. LifeShield is known for its ease of installation, ease of use, and overall customer satisfaction.

LifeShield Prices

LifeShield is known for having some of the lowest up-front equipment prices of any home alarm company. They offer many packages at little to no up-front cost while customers can also customize a package to fit their needs. As for monthly monitoring options, LifeShield offers three distinct packages:

LifeShield Value Package: The Value Package provides 24/7 monitoring for burglary, environmental, and medical emergencies as well as the LifeView Mobile App and connectivity. The price is $29.99/month.

LifeShield Gold Package: The Gold Package provides monitoring for burglary, fire, environmental, and medical emergencies as well as the LifeView Mobile App and connectivity. The price is $35.99/month.

LifeShield Platinum Package: The Platinum Package includes monitoring for burglary, fire, environmental, and medical emergencies as well as the LifeView Mobile App and connectivity. This package also includes advanced video monitoring from LifeShield. The price is $40.99/month.

LifeShield Security Installation

LifeShield offers two installation options when purchasing a wireless alarm system. The first option is for a do it yourself installation. The DIY installation has no additional costs and should take most people about 45 minutes. Like other DIY alarm systems LifeShield’s is simple to install with no experience or tools needed.

The other option is for a professional installation. Professional installation entails using trusted installers from around the country to install the system for you. There is likely an additional cost with professional installation from LifeShield and could depend on the size of your system. Whatever your schedule LifeShield makes it easy on you with two installation options to meet your needs.

LifeShield Monitoring & Service

LifeShield offers a few options for monitoring with broadband and cellular. LifeShield boasts that the multiple monitoring options and backup allow for the most secure wireless alarm system on the market today. LifeShield also boasts five UL-listed monitoring centers. Coupled with the LifeView Interactive application and online access LifeShield has a high-tech, yet easy to use interface for customers to easy control their alarm systems from anywhere.

As for service they are considered one of the best when it comes to keeping customers happy. LifeShield has one of the largest customer bases in the country and also has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any alarm company nationwide.

LifeShield Overall

LifeShield is a top of the line alarm company and is certainly considered one of the best alarm companies by many publications and experts. Alarm System Report ranks LifeShield as one of its top two alarm system companies for its tremendous service and value. When shopping for a great home alarm company with great service and even better prices LifeShield is your one stop shop. You can learn more about LifeShield by reading our full LifeShield Security Review or contact LifeShield for a quote at 1-877-446-5487.


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