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Getting To Know The Best Alarm Companies: Protect America

Continuing our Getting To Know The Best Alarm Companies series today we’ll explore one of our top three alarm companies, Protect America.

Protect America is one of the top alarm companies in our alarm system rankings and is one of the staples or our alarm system reviews.

Let’s get to know Protect America!

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Protect America Introduction

Protect America has been in business since the early 90’s and is one of the fastest growing wireless alarm system providers in the country. Protect America has had a rocky road of customer satisfaction over its two decades of existence, but has recently worked hard to change that perception. Protect America offers wireless alarm systems with cellular monitoring, online access, home automation, and video monitoring. Protect America is based in Round Rock, TX and operates nationwide.

Protect America Alarm System Equipment

Protect America is known not only for having a great wireless alarm system but also having some of the lowest alarm system equipment prices around. Protect America offers a 100% GE wireless alarm system with an easy do it yourself installation. The wireless alarm systems have the capability for cellular monitoring, home automation, and video monitoring along with online/remote access.

Purchasing a wireless alarm system from Protect America couldn’t be easier. Simply call or online.

Protect America Prices

Protect America has some of the most affordable pricing of any home alarm company. PA offers several different equipment packages and a few monthly monitoring options.

Protect America Price Chart

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As shown above Protect America offers the Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages, none of which require any up-front equipment fee, installation fee, or activation fee. While PA showcases monthly fees with each package the monthly fee could differ based on which option you choose from a selection of landline, broadband, or cellular monitoring.

Get A Quote From Protect America Here or Call (877) 459-7557

Protect America Installation

The installation is as easy as can be. Offering a 100% wireless system with a simple do it yourself installation makes things easy for homeowners to quickly set up a top of the line alarm system on their own. The installation process takes approximately one hour, with many customers finishing in less time. Installing a PA alarm system consists of plugging in the Control Panel, placing your wireless alarm sensors, and getting your system activated by PA. Each alarm system comes with instructions to walk you through the process.

The Protect America installation video will give you a general idea of the installation process, and Protect America even has videos pertaining to specific devices so you can see how they are installed from a visual standpoint as opposed to looking at instructions or a diagram. Pretty neat!

Protect America Monitoring & Service

Protect America is no stranger to the alarm industry, having been around since 1992. Protect America provides three monitoring options for its customers including phone line monitoring, broadband monitoring, and cellular monitoring. Alarm System Report does not recommend or endorse phone line or broadband monitoring, but it is important that Protect America has options for customers who may not have Internet/Cellular access.

Their monitoring prices are comparable to many other top alarm companies. Depending on options you choose such as online access, video monitoring, or home automation monthly fees could be different than the standard rate advertised (shown above). As for service, Protect America has been a punching bag for many customers over the years complaining about poor services and nonchalant representatives. While some companies do make mistakes, Protect America is not in the business of driving away its customers or making them unhappy. Protect America offers good service at a fair price and has very respectable customer satisfaction ratings.

Protect America Overall

Protect America is perhaps one of the most intriguing alarm companies out there today. Many customers are drawn to Protect America because of their low up-front prices. While that is a great perk, Protect America customers also experience tremendous value from the service and monitoring. Overall Protect America is one of the best alarm companies and is available to almost anyone. To learn more about about the company, services, and pricing please visit our Protect America Review or contact Protect America for a quote.


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