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The Ways Burglars Target Your Home

Alarm systems act as a great deterrent for burglars. They target your home for a number of reasons. The biggest being an opportunity. That opportunity could be that your door is unlocked, there is no one home or that you don’t have an alarm system. Alarm systems, guard dogs or people are huge deterrents for any burglars because generally, a burglar doesn’t have anything specific in mind when they break into a home. T

This means that they’re targeting your home for other reasons. Don’t give them reasons to target your home. This means being smart about what you throw away. Don’t chuck large boxes for TVs in the road. It lets them know that you’ve recently purchased a new tv. Don’t leave the doors unlocked, garage door open or valuables within an open window.

You should watch for anyone knocking on your door that you don’t know. They might come in the form of a mail man, alarm system company or political activist. It doesn’t really matter since by knocking on your door they are finding out if anyone is home. If no one is home, it makes for an easier break in. If someone is home and comes to the door, they make up a story about why they might be there and scope out a potential target for a later date.

The most common port of entry is the front door. They get left unlocked or there is a key hidden under a rock a few feet away. Seriously, don’t do that. You’re making it too easy! We suggest, after getting a top alarm system, but also putting the tiny picture from the company in the window. This is a huge red flag. Aside from not wanting to deal with a home owner, a burglar will want to deal with the cops even less!

Check out more of our alarm system reviews to find out which alarm system is best for you. Any alarm system will help in a burglar situation, but you’ll get more out of your alarm system if you’re happy with that you’ve chosen.


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