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Top Five Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips To Deter Burglars Like This Guy

The holidays are upon us. The masses huddled together on a chilly Black Friday to get the best deals and steals to kick of the holiday season. Shopping for the holidays and purchasing gifts for loved ones is a fun and thoughtful endeavor. However, the holiday season is also a time when many burglaries occur. It’s important to follow some holiday safety tips to keep your holiday season incident free. So grab a cup of egg nog, cozy up by the fire, and read on!

Holiday Safety Tips #1: Lock Your Doors & Windows!

This is a pretty easy one, and something most homeowners do on a regular basis – whether it’s the holiday season or not. However, you’d be surprised at the number of people that actually don’t lock their doors or windows. Many communities around the country believe they are immune to burglaries or crime and don’t take the proper precautions. During a time of year when you may have more expensive items in your home than usual it’s important to secure your home by locking all outside doors and windows.

Holiday Safety Tips #2: Put Lights On Timers

We all remember the classic holiday film Home Alone don’t we? The McCallister’s took a trip to France for the holiday season, but they didn’t just leave their home dark and dreary, waiting to be burglarized. They put their outside and inside lights on a timer so it appeared as if someone was home – and, of course, we all remember Kevin’s killer mannequin party! But I digress..

Putting your lights on a timer is something you can do easily with home automation systems and home alarm systems. You can set your lights to come on at certain times of day, and can even have outside lights turn on when there is motion or movement in the area. What’s more? With home automation and alarm system mobile apps you can control your lights from anywhere as long as you have a cellular connection or access to the Internet. These days it’s easier than ever to automate your home!

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Holiday Safety Tips #3: Close Your Blinds!

No one likes a peeping tom, and no one wants potential burglars ogling all those Christmas presents under the tree. Showing people outside your home your treasure trove of gifts in front of a big window is like telling a potential burglar, “Hey! Look at all these awesome things I’ve got at my house for you to steal!”. Don’t give burglars any more reason to break in to your home; closing blinds and covering your windows when you’re not around is a great way to keep burglars from knowing what you’ve got in your home.

Holiday Safety Tips #4: Get Help From Neighbors

If you plan on traveling for the holidays and know that your neighbor is staying in town talk to them and ask them to keep an eye on your home. Obviously, you don’t want to put your neighbor in charge of your home’s security, but it always helps having a watchful eye for anything suspicious going on at your home while you are gone. If you have a neighborhood watch or a community of trusted neighbors you could even talk to a number of them to ask everyone to look out for one another during the holidays.

Holiday Safety Tips #5: Purchase A Home Alarm System!

Of course! You knew this was coming, didn’t you?!

Purchasing and installing a home alarm system is the absolute best way to keep your home and belongings safe during the holidays – and beyond. A home alarm system will protect entrances like doors and windows, will guard against any motion or unwanted activity in the home, and can even have cameras so you can keep an actual eye on what’s going on in your home. Relying on your neighbors is not a best practice, although it can help and be additional safeguard behind your home alarm system. That being said a home alarm system can not only help protect your home during the this year’s holidays, but many years ahead. Read our alarm system reviews of the best alarm companies to find a great home alarm system for you.

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